Docker - Container Linking

Container Linking allows multiple containers to link with each other. It is a better option than exposing ports. Let’s go step by step and learn how it works.

Step 1 − Download the Jenkins image, if it is not already present, using the Jenkins pull command.

Container Linking

Step 2 − Once the image is available, run the container, but this time, you can specify a name to the container by using the –-name option. This will be our source container.

Name Option

Step 3 − Next, it is time to launch the destination container, but this time, we will link it with our source container. For our destination container, we will use the standard Ubuntu image.

Standard Ubuntu Image

When you do a docker ps, you will see both the containers running.

Step 4 − Now, attach to the receiving container.

Receiving Container

Then run the env command. You will notice new variables for linking with the source container.

New Variables

Source Continer