Why is pre-marital counselling necessary?

Wondering why would someone need counseling before marriage which should be otherwise a natural process? Well, looking at the rising divorce rates due to high intolerance towards each other makes it imperative to get counseling before you tie the nuptial knot. Here are the reasons why we should all go for pre-marital counseling.

Creating Positive Resolutions

Money, sex, and kids are three very important and emotional topics where either of the couples may get emotional about. Counselling may help you to identify what is important for the moment and that you cannot achieve everything at once.

Conflict Resolution

Whether you yell during your fight or take it silently, you would know better how you react at those times with your partner. If you are honest and mature, there would be a scope of improvement. A counselor will guide how to listen effectively and accordingly communicate. In fact, they can even tell what to say so that you end with a happy solution.

Because It’s About Your Children

Your marriage also has an effect on your children. If it’s happy it will be positive if not, it will leave a negative impact on them. Counsellors can teach you how to be secure in your marriage and relationships. They can help clear any misconception related to marriage, help set goals thus, leaving a positive effect on your children.

Learning To Be Realistic About Timing

If you both come to an agreement that you would not buy a house in the next two years or have a kid, then it should not be a problem if you want to have a child and he/she does not. At least, you would be mentally prepared and can avoid any arguments or tiffs.