Why Anger is considered as self-killer/destroyer?

How often do you get angry?? Weekly twice; thrice in a day or in hours?? And how do you react to the situation? By shouting, throwing things or crying??

You must be thinking, it all depends on how angry you are at the moment, right??

Well, whenever you get angry and however you deal with it, the main point of concern is how do you feel at the end of the day? And let me tell you, it ends up with negativity, loss of something you just have thrown away in anger, a weak relationship and also with a feeling of low self-esteem and sadness. And what you get by showing your anger -- nothing!!

Anger does nothing good to you or solves any problems but in return, can destroy you and your relationships and also everything you want in life. Not only physically, but it also demolishes your mental peace as well. You feel exhausted, frustrated, irritated and very strong at a time, but soon you become sad and finished. Hence, it is considered as a self-killer or a destroyer of every good thing, because not at a time, but slowly it acts as a poison and can kill you internally by destroying your peace of mind.

It happens because when you get angry, the heart rate, arterial tension, and testosterone production increases, but the cortisol level decreases. Anger also increase the blood pressure, and getting unnoticed can cause some severe attacks on your body. Anger causes the changes in the brain's cardiovascular, hormonal and asymmetric activation response which leads to negative activities like throwing things and shout. It makes you a different person and allows you to do some strange things.

But, we are humans and anger is a natural process as well. So, it is okay to be angry sometimes and release your stress hormones. But it should not cross the limits and should always be at a moderate level. The one golden line you need to follow is, you must be able to control your anger and negativity. There is a famous quote- “controlling your mind and anger can make you the king of your own” which everyone need to adapt for a happy life. You can deal with anger by practising regular meditation and being around some positive and energetic people.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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