Who was Robert Browning and what was special regarding his writing style?

Born in 1812 in London, Robert Browning enjoys the pinnacle of popularity only because of his prowess to portray his thoughts. You can understand it with this fact that his grave is now adjacent to that of Lord Alfred Tennyson.

His Famous Works

"Pauline, a Fragment of a Confession" , which is a long poem composed in homage to P.B. Shelley, “My Last Duchess”, “Porphyria’s lover”, “Andrea del Sarto”,“ A grammarian’s funeral”, Men and Women are some of his popular works for which he is remembered even now.

Browning’s Unique Writing Style

  • Dramatic Monologue: His critical reputation rests mainly due to his dramatic monologues. It is a form of speech addressed to a silent listener. Its aim is ‘character study’ or ‘psycho-analysis. The poet may speak in self-justification or in a mood of detached self-explanation, contented, resigned or remorseful. The character sketch of the speaker and even the other person involved in the vent is clearly described.

  • Behavioral Analysis: Robert Browning makes not only striking revelations of human passions and aspirations but also valuable passages of ethical teaching, which make turns him an inspiring force.

  • Character Portrayal: He portrays characters well. The political traits are sometimes introduced too. One finds no conventionality in his poems. That is why the mind of the reader is always engrossed in something or the other. One has to dive into the depth of his writings to know the actual meaning.

Thus, due to these traits, he is considered a prominent writer of the Victorian Era.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019

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