Who are the famous Bollywood personality's who are mentioned in "Guinness Book of World Records"?

Kumar Sanu

The versatile singer who rose in the early 90s and made the youngsters vacillate on his songs, Kumar Sanu grabbed the Guianese Book of World Records for recording 28 songs in a single day in 1993.

The Kapoors- Largest Screen Family of Bollywood

Since Prithviraj Kapoor first appeared on the Silver Screen in 1929, 24 members of his family have acted in films. His sons; Raj, Shammi, and Shashi and other relatives. Ranbir and Kareena Kapoor are the grandchildren of the legend and this family has been there in the GBWR since 1999.

Asha Bhosle

Another versatile singer of the old era when cabaret was introduced to the industry and no singer was ready to sing sensuous songs, but bold Asha not only broke the stigma but also made a new identity in the whole industry. She also entered the GBWR as the most recorded artist in music history in 2011 by recording up to 1100 solo, duets and chorus-backed numbers and many other in more than 20 Indian languages since 1947.

Sameer Anjan

This time a lyricist who composed amazing 3,524 various songs as of 15 December 2015, and thus he was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the most prolific lyricist of the Indian film industry.