Multiplexes who are charging over the MRP are registered with cases!!!

The Legal Metrology Department of Telangana has issued strict guidelines to all Multiplexes and Cinema Halls in Telangana that from 1st August 2018.

  • Packaged Commodities should be sold only at MRP. Charging more than MRP is illegal.

  • Food items that are sold in loose must be printed with weight, quantity, manufacturing date, expiry and MRP on them.

After making these rules, the Legal Metrology Department team has conducted surprise checks in the cinema halls in Hyderabad on 2nd August itself to check whether they are following the rules or not and registered cases in Prasads Imax, GVK one, PVR, Cinepolis and Asian Radhika etc.,

"Seven teams headed by Assistant Controllers Bhaskar Reddy, Jaganmohan Reddy, Vijayasarathi, Nirmal Kumar, Rajeshwar, Shivanand, with 30 members participated in the raids. On Thursday, special checks were conducted at 20 multiplexes and 18 multiplexes were found to be violating the rules. 54 cases were booked against them," a press release stated.

It is a great gesture by the Telangana Government to implement the rules and follow up from the day one to see that the rules are followed scrupulously. Indeed good days ahead for cine-goers!!!