What is the right age for a girl to get married before 30 or above and why?

Marriage according to me can never have the right age. It majorly depends on the emotional maturity of the people involved, their willingness in getting married, and if the situation allows. It totally depends on individuals whether they should be married at a certain age. If they are ready for it, why not? But, if not, then forcing a person into marriage can only have its repercussions at a later stage in life. So, coming to the question if a girl should be married before 30 or above and why I feel getting married after 30 has its own advantages.

  • If a girl is in her 30s or above, she must have dated enough number of men by now and have a clear idea who can make her really happy.

  • They are usually mentally and emotionally mature than their younger counterparts as they have seen more life than them.

  • Independent women above the age of 30 are usually more financially mature as well. They know how to handle finances which can be a boon for their future husbands.

  • By this time, they know what they ultimately want with their life and what can be more meaningful to them personally.

  • Given that they are more self-aware now, they are most likely to find a partner who shares similar values. Basically, they are capable of making wise decisions while choosing their partners.

  • After reaching this age, they are secure with their careers and finances, and they know what are the real virtues of a man to become a good partner than falling for “boys”.

  • They are also better prepared to handle a household and the family members with a matured approach.

  • There are high chances that with all the wisdom that they have gained by this time they will end up finding a good life partner with a solid career in place.

  • According to studies, when a woman gets married after 30, there are only 8% chance of getting divorced.