What is Recruitment cycle? How companies perform it?

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Recruitment is the process of searching employees and encouraging them to apply for the vacancy in the organization. Recruitment is a very important component of HR Management because it is extremely important to find dedicated people who can work with commitment in an organization. It is a prerequisite to have an effective workforce and strong work culture in the organization.

To quote Stahl, ‘Recruitment is the cornerstone of the whole personnel structure. Unless the recruitment policy is soundly conceived, there can be little hope of building a first-rate staff.’

Following are the steps involved in the effective and sound recruitment cycle followed by various companies:

Job Requisition

This is the first step where the recruiting agency is provided with sufficient information for filling up the vacancies. This is done through job analysis and job specification. Here the requirements in the job, educational qualifications, age limit, a specific set of skills and abilities is specified based on the nature of the job.


The recruitment agencies provide notifications of the job vacancies through various sources. These advertisements can be both through print or electronic media. It should have clarity with regards to all the details of the job. The advertisement is an important channel to get talented people to apply for the required vacancies.

Applications are Scrutinized

The 21st century is an era of competition, and hence there are umpteen job applications received to fill the vacancy of a single post. Hence, at this stage, the committee scrutinizes all the received applications and eliminates the candidates who do not fulfill the criteria. The decision (selected or rejected for the post) is communicated to the candidate. For the successful candidates, the next step is the selection.

Selection for the Post

An examination, an interview or both is conducted for the selected candidates. In a definite period, the results are declared and the suitable candidates are selected by the company. The validity of the selection remains valid for around one to six months. Not all candidates qualify for the selection phase.

Communication and Appointment

The suitable candidates are communicated whether they have been successful or unsuccessful. Then the letter of appointment is issued to the employee both in soft copy and hard copy. The terms and conditions of services should be carefully drafted in a letter.


The employee is placed in a department for the probation period whereby the caliber is tested. This is then followed by confirmation of service if the employee satisfies the work targets. The success of the organization depends on the no. of successful placements.

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