How many companies did Flipkart acquire before it was sold to Walmart?

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In December 2010, Flipkart acquired its first company named, which is a book review website.

In October 2011, Flipkart acquired a digital music store called 'Mime-360'. Along with cash deal, Flipkart did a stock deal as well here.

In November 2011, it took over a Bollywood news website ''.

In February 2012, Flipkart obtained the then biggest online electronics retailer ''.

In May 2014, it acquired the online lifestyle retailer 'Myntra' at $30 Crore.

In September 2014, it obtained the large chunk of a payment platform named 'NHPay'.

November 2014, Flipkart bought a great number of shares of 'Jeeves', a customer service company.


In March 2015, it took over a mobile advertising firm named 'AdEquity'.

In April 2015, it again bought a mobile marketing company called 'Appiterate'.

In September 2015, it acquired a payment getaway firm called 'FX Mart'.

April 2016, Flipkart obtained a UPI based payment startup named 'PhonePe'.

July 2016, paid $7 crore to take over another a big online lifestyle portal named 'Jabong'.

April 2017, with the investment worth $ 50 crore, eBay sold out eBay India to Flipkart.

Published on 29-Nov-2018 12:48:54