USTVGO.TV Alternatives

What is USTVGO.TV?

USTVGO is a free streaming website that consists of more than 80 channels. No subscription or registration is needed to view the content on the website. The video player is simple and buffering time is very less. The content available on this website is not legal but it provides premium live TV channels for free. Many sites having illegal content have been blocked and USTVGOA is one of them. Such websites can also have malicious content that may harm your system


USTVGOA provides all the content for free. It even provides premium channels for free.

Why USTVGO.TV Alternatives?

There are many disadvantages of USTVGO and some of them have been listed below −

  • The channel is not available in all the countries

  • The channel is illegal and has been banned

  • Picture quality is not good

  • There are issues with buffering

How to choose a USTVGO.TV Alternative?

USTVGO has many advantages and let us look at some of them below −

  • Can be installed on multiple devices

  • No subscription is required

  • Available for free

  • No ads popup while watching any video

  • Popular channels are available

Top 10 USTVGO.TV Alternatives

There are many alternatives to USTVGO and some of them have been discussed here in detail.

Alternative 1 – DaddyLiveHD

DaddyLiveHD is considered as one of the best alternatives to USTVGO. DaddyLiveHD has more than 120 live TV channels. From the USA and Canada. You can stream content for free from different channels.

The user interface is simple and free from clutter. You will not see any ads, popups, or any other disturbing element while watching your favorite programs.

Alternative 2 – USTREAM

USTREAM provides more than 200 premium channels related to sports, entertainment, TV shows, movies, and many more. This channel is also known as IBM Cloud Video and IBM Video Streaming. You can see ads and pop-ups occasionally but if you use an ad blocker, you will not get disturbed by these elements. It can be used for free and it also provides the feature of social media integration. The user interface is simple and easy to use.

Alternative 3 – 123TV Now

123TV Now is another excellent for USTVGO. It can be used for free and it provides more than 10 live TV channels. Content available on this website is from different genres like movies, sports, family, comedy, entertainment, news, and many more. You can also watch premium channels on this website for free.

The user interface of the app is simple and can be used by anybody. No registration is required to watch content on this website.

Alternative 4 – Pluto TV

Pluto TV is available in the form of website and app The platform is available in the US, the UK, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, and other countries in Europe. The platform has more than 250 free channels where you can find a large number of TV shows and movies. You can find different types of content like music, news, comedy, tragedy, games, assorts, and many more. It is compatible with different types of operating systems.

Alternative 5 – DirecTV

DirecTV has more than 330 channels available and you can access them for free. You need to pay a fixed amount of monthly subscription and then you can access the You can watch music, arts, sports, entertainment, and other stuff. The user interface is simple and can be used easily. It also has channels which will help your kids to get entertained.

Alternative 6 – Sling TV

Sling TV is an app which provides on-demand content along with live TV directly on your electronic device. Some of the content on this platform is available for free but you can subscribe at the cost of$15 to get access to more channels. Many payment methods are available which you can use to pay for a subscription.

Alternative 7 – StreamWink

StreamWink is a streaming platform which provides a wide variety of content to its users. The content includes documentaries, movies, kids' content, Entertainment, and many more. The video player is simple and free from clutters. The user interface is simple and consists of a TV guide that tells the details of upcoming programs.

Alternative 8 – OK Live TV

Ok Live TV is a platform for live television streaming. Various live-streaming options are available on the platform. You can choose any channel you want to watch and there is no need to register and create an account to watch your favorite content. The video player is easy to use and buffering does not take a lot of time. It provides premium channels also for free.

Alternative 9 – Yupp TV

Yupp TV is a South Asian streaming site on which you can watch 500 movies, 250 live channels and 100 TV shows. Besides Indian channels, you can also find such channels that will be liked by the US-based audience. The user interface of the platform consists of only five categories which are −

  • Live TV

  • Catch Up TV

  • Movies

  • New

  • Mini Theater

Yupp TV is a multilingual; platform and supports 14 languages.

Alternative 10 – TVZinos

TVZinos is a platform in which channels are available from the US and the UK only. The content of different categories is available and they include news, entertainment, sports, movies, etc. The content is available for kids and adults. You will also know the details of upcoming programs and current shows. No signup is required to enjoy your entertainment content on the channel.


USTVGO is an illegal website and has been banned in some countries. The website provided premium content for free There are many alternatives to the channel and you can watch your favorite programs free of cost on these platforms.

Updated on: 16-May-2023

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