To what percentage humans are able to use their brain?

Occasionally, you will decide that you have studied enough for your test. After the completion of the test, you feel like maybe you didn't study enough for the exam. When test results come out with a lower grade than you expected then you realize studying more should have been a higher priority. Next time you will just get down and put your brain in high cog and ace the test by getting the grade back up where it needs to be.

How much brain are you using?

  • You may have heard from time to time that humans use only 10% of their brains but it is nothing more than a recurring myth.

  • Historians believe that the myth has gotten its start back in 1936.

  • In that year, journalist Lowell Thomas stated that the average person develops only 10% of his mental ability.

  • Psychologist William James credited an essay in the same year but James never wrote that the humans use 10% of their brains in everyday life.

  • In fact, he believed that one is making use of a small part of our possible mental and physical resources.

  • Regardless of how the myth got started people believe and it remains popular today and considered as a fact among the people.

Why has this myth persevered for so long?

  • This is because the experts believe that it has the ring of truth to it, people still want to believe that there a huge well of unexplored potential in them.

  • Basically, it’s encouraging to think that we could do so much if we just put our brains into more work.

  • If you have ever believed that humans use 10% of their brain, well you might be surprised to hear that the humans use virtually every part of their brains and over the course of an average day humans use nearly 100% of their brains.

  • This all makes sense when you consider the importance of brain to human life and we know brain only makes up 3-5% of body's weight but it uses 20% of body's resources in terms of oxygen and glucose.