How to Make YouTube Video Titles More Engaging?

It is not surprising that YouTube has grown to be one of the biggest venues for monetizable content in the world with a global reach of 2 billion logged-in monthly users.

In this article we will help you write the appropriate YouTube titles that will gain views, we'll look at some of the greatest advice today. Have you prepared? Let's go?

Pay Attention to the Title's Length

One of the most crucial things you need keep in mind while creating a title is - how long the title is? The YouTube search results will truncate and remove titles that are excessively long. Long titles could not only confound YouTube's algorithm, but they could also make user loose interest in clicking on the video to watch.

On the other hand, short titles stand out. However, YouTube titles that are too brief and lack a proper description won't rank on search results and become problematic for you too. Therefore, I advise you to stick the YouTube title to 70 characters or less because the YouTube audience is more likely to read the full message.

For instance, check this title (as shown in the image), this title is short, less than 70 characters, and clearly describes – what the video is all about.

Carry Out a Keyword Search

Competitive titles with lots of searches will make it easier for the YouTube video to rank.

In essence, these keywords inform the YouTube algorithm about the subject of your videos, making it much easier for the video platform to classify and rank them. An effective YouTube title can potentially propel your video to the top of the page, generating a considerable increase in views.

But, in order to find the potential keywords for your YouTube videos, you can use – YouTube autosuggest feature, uber suggest tool, or compare the titles of the top ranking videos in your niche. Let check each of these methods below −

YouTube Autosuggest Feature

For e.g. − If I type “fitness tips” on the YouTube search engine, we will find relevant keywords searched by the users. These are the most popular keywords and you can use them in your titles.

Uber Suggest tool

Go to this website -

This tool generates a list of different keywords, volume, competition, and seasonal trends for each keyword.

For eg − Here I’m typing the Fitness keyword and selecting the country name from the drop-down menu and clicking on Search. Let’s see how many keywords it will generate.

You will find the search volume, SEO difficulty, cost per click(CPC), paid difficulty, and the keyword ideas for the keyword “Fitness.”

The below image will show you about the Keyword overview of Fitness like its search volume, Cost per click, it’s SEO difficulty. You can consider all these parameters while deciding the keywords for your YouTube video’s title.

Your title should start with the focus keyword.

It’s vital to place the targeted keyword in the YouTube title's first few words. This will make it stand out and prevent it from being obscured by other information. Most YouTubers out there strive to use witty titles, but most don't succeed in getting their videos to rank.

It's crucial to realize that YouTube and its consumers do not desire smart titles. They require concise, informational titles. Obviously, it doesn't have to be monotonous. The greatest YouTube titles are short but intriguing and start with the focus keyword.

For instance, if you are creating a video around YouTube SEO, then your title must start with your targeted keyword YouTube SEO.

Put a Number in the Title

Utilizing a number in your YouTube title, such as 7 effective tips for weight loss, will increase your video views because it stands out. In addition to having SEO significance it shows that your video is current and pertinent, the number can aid in content planning.

For instance, putting "5 Tips" as part of your YouTube title can both help your audience and YouTube understands about what to expect from the video and give you a structure to work inside.

Give Solution to the viewer’s problem.

Providing a solution to your audience's problems is one of the best ways to make YouTube titles that are clickable. The best YouTube video titles don't necessarily need to include a number. They merely have "how-to" names too. Your audience will value your channel more if you address a specific issue, which will lead to an increase in clicks, views, and subscribers.

Creating catchy titles for your videos doesn't have to be difficult. Although writing video titles is not as tough as one might believe, it does play a vital role in your video promotion and in YouTube SEO too.

Updated on: 27-Jul-2022


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