Simple SEO Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos Higher in Search

Everyone is aware that people prefer watching videos to reading lengthy blog posts.

The basics of the algorithms used by search engines like Google and YouTube to rank websites and videos are the same. The goal is to give users the greatest experience possible, thus Google search results and YouTube video search results have been integrated to make searching easier.

First, Learn, What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is a technique for improving the placement of channels and videos in search results. The biggest video platform on the internet is YouTube, which is also one of the top search engines. It is crucial to understand how to tailor your material for the platform.

In this article, I'll show you step-by-step how to use some basic SEO techniques to promote your YouTube videos.

Put Keywords in The Title of Your Video

The first step is to comprehend your audience's search intent. We are aware that informational, commercial, navigational, and transactional search intents are the most prevalent. Therefore, it will be crucial for your video to match what it is about with the goal of your audience if you want it to appear in search results.

Develop sure you know WHY you want to make a YouTube video and who the target audience is before moving on. For instance, put the product name in the title and description of the video if you want to highlight a product review. Although it seems so easy, a lot of YouTube channels skip this step, which causes their videos to rank poorly in Google and YouTube search results.

Incorporate The Term Into Your Video File

YouTube might take this into account when determining how high up the search results to display your video. Your video will have a far better chance of ranking and receiving more search volume if the file name you are uploading contains the desired keyword.

The filename appears when you upload a new video. Make sure your file name is updated before you post it because YouTube will use this to determine whether the video is pertinent.

Extend Your Videos

The Briggs study, which we previously highlighted, also made two conclusions regarding the connection between the ranking and the duration of the videos −

  • Videos that are under two minutes are often badly positioned;

  • The first five spots have an average duration of 11 minutes and forty-seven seconds.

Therefore, it makes sense to start making lengthier videos that last for roughly 10 minutes. They most likely live up to the demands of individuals seeking more thorough and in-depth content. Videos that are under two minutes long, on the other hand, usually have a shallower tone.

Make Clever Descriptions

The description can be longer and more in-depth if the title needs to be brief. You have a character limit of 5000 for this. For two reasons, the description is crucial to ranking. Try to retain the important information at the beginning of the text so that it can be used to persuade the viewer to access the video since its initial segment appears in the search results.

You may boost the number of people who watch your video and gain YouTube points by writing a compelling description.

CTR in Search Results Should Rise

The CTR (Click-Through Rate) statistic shows how frequently users click on your video from the list of search results.

A high click-through rate on YouTube indicates that your video was pertinent to the user's search term. CTR is a crucial ranking element because of this.

Follow these steps to improve the CTR rate of your video −

  • The title, must contain the primary keyword;

  • The first few sentences of the description, which must be persuaded; and

  • The video thumbnail, which must be appealing and provide context for the other pieces.

As a result, there is a higher possibility that the user will click on your video.

Make Captions And Transcriptions For The Videos

Only text and code can be read by YouTube's algorithm; images and videos cannot.

Making transcriptions and captions is thus one strategy you may use to ensure that it comprehends the topic of your material. You may also make the transcript into captions by including timestamps.


Because so many people use YouTube every day, it is a competitive place to publish your work. Even if the level of competition can be discouraging at times, you must always keep in mind that there are still plenty of strategies to rank better and enhance your YouTube SEO to increase the profitability of your channel and your videos for your business.

Updated on: 22-Dec-2022


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