How to check that your channel is verified or not

To check whether you have verified or not. Go to your profile picture, go to Your channel, and Your Videos. Click settings the Channel and feature eligibility. If your account is verified, it will be written Enabled and will be green in colour. One can check Standard, Intermediate and Advanced feature features.

Click on the link to check your Verification:

The image guide is −

Step 1 − Click on your profile picture on YouTube and then click on Your channel option as shown in the image below −

Step 2 − Once you have clicked on Your channel option, the page below appears, you have to click on Your Videos options over there.

Step 3 − Then scroll down to the setting option as shown in the image below −

Step 4 − Inside the settings options click on Channel and then click on Feature Eligibility, once you click on that, as show below, you have Enable the Following featuring option shown in the image.

Standard Features

Intermediate Features

Advanced Features

How to know whether YouTube Verification Badge is real or fake?

A verification badge is a grey tick mark or a grey music note (musicians and musical bands) that shows next to the channel’s name.


It lets other users know that the channel is an authentic or established entity. To get the verification badge, the rule is simple, one needs to have over 100,000 subscribers and a complete profile.

Updated on: 05-Sep-2022


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