Tips and Tricks to Drive Traffic to a Landing Page

In this digital world, most of the business enterprises nowadays are aware of the importance of online presence and they are able to see the benefits of branding in digital format. The first thing in their mind is to develop a web portal. However, few entrepreneurs may not be technically aware that, the landing page is one of the most important aspects to look for. It is better to be aware of these basics before entering the online world.

The landing page is a distinct page built for the sole objective of conversion. It is designed, written and developed to meet the above objective. You will be able to drive more traffic to your site if this page is properly maintained.

In this article, we can learn about – what all points to consider while developing and designing a landing page. And what makes a landing page work? Why few landing pages get people to stay, convert and get shared socially, while others are just given a quick look? How to build a landing page which really works for your brand?

Strong Call to Action

Every landing page must have a clear Call to Action(CTA) in order to perform those actions which you wish your landing page visitors should perform. In other words, the visitor should be encouraged to complete the action, be it purchasing or making a phone call or completing a form. Typical calls to action can also include “Buy Now” and” Download your Free Report”. The button should clearly state the reward which the user would receive for submitting the form or completing the proposed action.

If you wish to increase your conversion rate, then you definitely require effective CTAs, which should definitely be creative. We find many people throw together a CTA and then sit back and wonder why the conversion rates are not as expected. If you wish to have more conversions, then you need to invest time as well as energy into developing CTAs.

Easy to Read & Visually – Appealing Design

If you do not want your visitors to leave your landing page in 30 second or less. You are required to structure your landing pages in such a manner that it should be easy to read. You can very well, use bullet points and break up of paragraphs which are long. You can also use plenty of white space around blocks of texts.

Your landing page must look great, only then you will have more conversions. A sloppy “thrown together” looking landing page is not going to inspire trust. You should also avoid using the readily available templates, as most consumers might have already come in contact with these templates and they might look for the same. There is greater need to differentiate yourself from all other offers available in the market.

Also, if you wish to develop your website through other providers, then allocate sufficient time and budget on designing part.

Use Attention Grabbing Headlines and Video’s

If your landing page headline does not grab instant attention, you are prone to the greater risk of losing a potential conversion in mere seconds. You should always ensure, you have a great headline so that your visitor will have a quick overview of your offer and provide them a reason to stay on your page. Your headline should be clear only then you will be able to grab attention. You should not be afraid to test several headlines to see what your audience responds to the best.

You can also embed a video on your landing page so that you can hold user attention longer and explain varied, complex concepts without the usage of large blocks of text.

Develop Trust and Remove Risk

A landing page must help develop trust in your brand. You should place a clear logo at the top of the page, and then use another area of the page to offer proof of your business or product’ s value. Proof can be, any award received by your company or you can also insert quotes from the media or use customer testimonials.

The objective of your landing page is to convince the user to buy your product or service, then you drastically improve your conversions by assuring the user that the transaction is free of risk. You should consider either offering free trial or money back guarantee.

Select Appropriate Length for your Text and Content

You should remember that your landing page content should be simple and free of clutter. You should have bullet points or bold texts to highlight your main points and try to keep the focus on those points which are significant. You should also try to create adequate white space between titles as well as paragraphs to give your eyes a rest. Your 1st paragraph should only consist a line or two. After that, the length can vary, but the general rule is that paragraphs should not be more than five to six sentences. This helps the readers to easily skim the content.

If you wish that your visitors must subscribe your newsletter or other services offered by you, keep the text short. If you are asking your visitors to commit to purchasing something, it is fine to have the text below the fold, but you should make sure, you offer conversion points periodically so that visitors do not require to scroll for answering your call to action.

Minimum Required Actions

Do not force users to click away to a different page. Minimize the number of fields in your form. It would be useful to know the user’s full name, email address, company name as well as location. If the prospect of filling in all those fields restricts the user from submission of the form, you gain nothing.

Test Everything

A small change sometimes can have a measurable impact on the conversion rate of a landing page. Few of the items that you can change include

  • Call to action
  • Headline
  • Images
  • Body text
  • Font size or color of the text.

Each time you make a change, you should set up both A/B tests, it sends both versions of a landing page to visitors on a random basis. It records the number of impressions as well as conversions for each version of the page.

I am sure after reading the above article, you will know how to create an effective landing page which will help drive more traffic to your site. That’s not all, it should lead to more conversions.

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