Simple & Effective Chrome Tips and Tricks

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser which promises speed, simplicity, and security for its users. Here are some time preserving tips that you don’t know and could enhance your user experience with Chrome in more fun, productive and intuitive manner.

The Address Bar of Google Chrome is named Omnibar or Omnibox as you can use it for a lot of things, not just for typing in a website’s address.

Use Omnibar as a Basic Calculator

You can type in simple calculations and get results just like search suggestions. For example, if you enter ‘5*10=’ you’ll see a dropdown where the calculation is already made. It supports semi-advanced features like brackets, tan, cos and sine.

Use Omnibar as a Unit Convertor

You can also perform Google-like unit conversions without going to Google. If you type “8inches,” Chrome may automatically suggest conversion rate to centimeters. For different conversion, just type “8 inches = km” or “8 inches = mm” or “8 inches squared = m squared”.

Pin Tab Option

If you want to keep your most used websites also open up whenever you open Chrome. To do this, simply Right-click on the tab and select a “Pin Tab” option .By doing so, the title of the page and close button goes off.

Chrome’s Task Manager

Chrome’s has its own task manager which provides good bifurcation of the resources each app or page is consuming. By Pressing Shift+Esc,all the detailed info about the running tabs, extensions, plug-ins etc are shown that lets you to monitor system usage by each tab and kill tabs you wish .

Recovering Closed Tabs

Chrome is a forgiving browser which makes it possible to open mistakenly closed tab .Press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen any recently closed tabs it. You can press it again and again to keep reopening old tabs in the Order they are closed. It can retrieve up to 10 recently closed tabs.

Append and Go

Just Type the name of a website, e.g., ‘eBay,’ in the omnibar and hit Ctrl+Enter. Chrome will automatically add ‘www‘and ‘.com‘and head to the site.

Save web pages as PDF

Google Chrome has its own PDF converter. Just open any website and hit Ctrl+ P, a window will pop up click Change under Destination, and select save as PDF and save.

Scrolling the Fun Way

Don’t need to scroll an entire page using the scroll wheel or mouse. Simply press Spacebar, it will push an entire page down. Press Shift +Spacebar it’ll scroll an entire page upwards.

Use Chrome as a Notepad

You can use chrome browser as a notepad. To do so, just type into your address bar: data:text/html, This is great for making quick notes, then save as an HTML file or copy and paste the text elsewhere as required.

Compose Emails from Omnibox

You can easily compose a new email without opening your Gmail. Just go to your Chrome browser address bar and type the command “” .This will open the Gmail compose window on your current Page.

View all your Saved Passwords

Open your Chrome browser and from the top right Chrome menu button, select Settings. Alternatively, simply open “chrome://settings/passwords” and you will find all of your saved passwords which will be hidden by asterisk marks. To see them, click on the Showlink.then Chrome will ask you to enter your Windows login password. Once you enter it, you will be shown the password.

Using Omnibox to Search under a Website

Chrome’s Omnibox searches Google by default, but you can also use it to search any site. Just type site’s name, for example, Amazon or YouTube, then press Tab and search what you’re looking for. If the site doesn’t support native Omnibox searching, you can manually add it to Chrome’s search engine list by right-clicking the Omnibox and selecting “Edit search engines.” You can also set up a custom keyword to use in place of the site’s URL.

Google Chrome Browser Shortcuts

Google Chrome has several dozen different keyboard shortcuts. The following are few useful shortcuts that can improve your productivity −

  • Ctrl + 1-8 – Pressing Ctrl and any number 1 through 8 will move to the corresponding tab in your tab bar.
  • Ctrl + 9 – Switch to the last tab.
  • Ctrl + H – Show history.
  • Ctrl + J – Open Downloads window.
  • Ctrl + K – Move the cursor to the Omnibox (address bar).
  • Ctrl + T – Open a new tab.
  • Space bar – Scroll down the current web page

By using these simple tips and tricks you can use your chrome browser in faster, more effective, and extremely flexible manner and make your web experience much more satisfying and reliable.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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Updated on: 17-Jan-2020


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