Tips and tricks to crack UPSC


A sensible aspirant who prepares for UPSC tends to adopt simple and smart methods instead of taking the difficult route because the ultimate goal of such people is to crack the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

That is why many students want to know about Tips and tricks to crack UPSC. Many informative things have been written on the internet regarding this, which is impossible to implement on the ground. But in today's article, we have given you information about some such Practical Tips and tricks to crack UPSC CSE, which if you follow properly, then definitely it will be possible for you to pass the UPSC exam.

So let's get started and get detailed information about Practical Tips and tricks to crack UPSC-

Tips and Tricks to crack UPSC - Practical Tips and tricks to crack UPSC

There are many materials available on the internet that tell you some practical things which are hardly possible for any student to implement on the ground, such as “Stay motivated every day”, “Join a coaching institute or some online coaching course”, “Stay away from social media” etc.

However, implementing them on the ground is almost impossible for many students, and in some ways unnecessary. That's why we have given you information about the Top 10 Practical Tips and tricks to crack UPSC below which any Aspirant can implement on the ground. These tips and tricks are as follows-

Understand the UPSC Exam

Any candidate can do this. For this, you have to understand the requirement of the exam and its syllabus and exam pattern, after which you will be able to know how to prepare for the exam. Before starting UPSC preparation, it is necessary to know how to start this preparation.

Make A Practical Study Plan and Follow It

Many students make heavy and difficult study plans for UPSC preparation, which cannot be followed for more than a day or two. It is almost impossible to clear UPSC in 1 or 2 days. That is why you have to prepare such a study plan according to your convenience which you can follow.

Prepare Regular Knowledge Source

Regular knowledge sources are those sources that provide you with information and knowledge in the context of any particular subject or issue every day. Under this, YouTube videos, and online sources of educational newspapers are included. You have to adopt the same source from which you can understand.

Start Writing Practice from Scratch

To crack the UPSC exam, you have to clear many stages of the written test, and for this, it is necessary that from the day you start UPSC preparation, you should write at least 500 words per day.

Try to Understand to Avoid Forgetting

Around a Million [or more of it] of UPSC aspirants have this problem that whatever they study they forget immediately. One way to avoid this is to try to understand whatever you read because it is almost impossible to forget what you have understood.

The Aim of UPSC Preparation Should Be to Crack UPSC

When you keep this thought in mind, you will never lose your way. Many students engaged in UPSC preparation mostly go astray, due to which they are not able to crack even their prelims exam. This objective automatically gives you information that what you have to study and how much you have to study.

The Syllabus Is the Key to Cracking UPSC

If you have to do this UPSC exam, then you must know where and where the questions will be asked in this exam so that you can prepare the answers to these questions. For this, you have to read the UPSC syllabus properly, and whatever things are necessary for you, you have to extract all those points from that syllabus.

Try to Solve Previous Year's Question Papers

You will easily find the previous year's question papers on the official website of UPSC. If you want to know what type of questions will be asked in the UPSC exam and how difficult and how easy the questions will be, and to know where the scope of questions can increase and to check your preparation, you can read You can solve question papers of UPSC of previous years. You have to do this.

Keep Yourself Calm During the Exam

Most students and UPSC aspirants prepare for the UPSC exam throughout the year or for several years. Their preparation is also the best but during the examination, they lose their confidence and become unable to keep themselves calm. Due to this, the knowledge gathered by them becomes useless at the original time of the examination. You can do the work of keeping yourself calm at the time of examination and for this, if you want, you can also practice with mock tests.

Identify Mistakes, Correct Them, And Move Ahead

Most of the UPSC aspirants are unable to do this because most of the candidates feel that they are on the right track, due to which they are unable to identify their mistakes and correct them. Mistakes will happen during exam preparation and these mistakes are expected from you. But being a UPSC Aspirant and not being able to correct mistakes will not be expected of you.


In today's article, we have given you some practical tips regarding Tips and tricks to crack UPSC, which you can easily do as a UPSC Aspirant. Along with this, we have also given you some explanation regarding each trick and tip which will help you to understand those tips and tricks.

We hope that this article of ours today would have been able to give you Practical Tips and tricks to crack UPSC. If you want to ask any questions regarding this then you can ask.

Updated on: 13-Apr-2023


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