Stream2Watch Alternatives

What is Stream2Watch?

Stream2Watch is a website where you can stream live sports free of cost. There are more than 350] channels available here. Besides sports, the website also provides the facility of live TV channels. You can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, cartoons, and many other things. The earning method of the websites is through ads so you will have to bear them while watching or streaming any video.

Cost of Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch has 3 plans and the cost of each one can be found in the table below −





Sports Bundle


Movie Package


Why Stream2Watch Alternatives?

There are a few disadvantages with Stream2Watch and some of them are listed here −

  • Stream2Watch can spam users with ads

  • It is illegal to use in some countries

  • Malware can infect your system

How to choose a Stream2Watch Alternative?

Stream2Watch has many features and some of them are listed here −

  • The website is friendly to VPN

  • You can find top channels here

  • The search function is extensive and you can find your desired content easily

  • You can find the schedules of different sports

Top 10 Stream2Watch Alternatives

There are many free and paid alternatives to Stream2Watch. Let us discuss some of them in detail.

Alternative 1 – SportP2P

SportP2P is a streaming website which will let you watch football matches. From different leagues like −

  • Primera Division

  • Seria A

  • Bundensliga

  • Premier League

  • Europa League

  • Champions League

Streams of each match can be found 1 hour before the schedule.


  • Watch live football matches

  • Many leagues available

  • Streams appear an hour before the match is scheduled

Alternative 2 – Hotstar

Hot Star is a popular app where you can find different types of sports along with movies, TV shows, cartoons, and many more. Hotstar is a premium service and there are two plans as follows −

  • Premium plan is of $3,60

  • Super plan is of $11.00

Whichever plan you take, you will be able to access the Hotstar library. You can take the Super package to get rid of all ads while watching sports.


  • Watch different types of sports

  • Movies and TV shows are also available

  • Get the latest updates about different sports

Alternative 3 – Live TV

Live TV is a website which you can use for free and watch different types of sports. There is no need to register and create an account to use the website. If you create an account, you will get the option of creating sports playlists. Another feature of this website is that a link will be provided to you to watch the sports. Highlights of the game already played will also be available. You can find the schedules of upcoming matches in a tab available on the website.


  • Watch live games

  • Highlights of the games available

  • Get schedules of upcoming games

Alternative 4 – Cricfree

Cricfree is one of the excellent alternatives to Stream2Watch. Cricfree is a website which you can use for free to watch your favorite sports like tennis, Cricket, Rugby, Boxing, Basketball, and many other events.

The website most gives priority to cricket and you need not have to pay anything to watch any game. The user interface of the website is convenient to use and you can find a lot of content here.


  • User interface is convenient to use

  • Abundant content available on the user interface

  • Stream any sort for free

Alternative 5 – Sport365

Sport365 is a popular website which you can access to stream different kinds of sports. You can stream the events related to cricket, hockey, and football along with baseball, WWE, and many others. The flexible user interface of the website is easy to use and you can find almost all the channels related to sports.


  • Flexible user interface

  • Almost all sports channels available

  • Watch any game like cricket, football, hockey, etc.

Alternative 6 – First Row Sports

Reviewers do not consider First Row Sports as the best alternative to Stream2Watch. The website is popular for its simple user interface as it loads fast. You will be able to stream most of the sports on this website. You will be facing a few ads which can be closed with one click. The quantity of ads is very low. You can also check ball games available on the website.


  • Watch any sports

  • Speed of the website is very good

  • User interface is simple

Alternative 7 – VIPBox

VIPBox is one of the best websites and an alternative to Stream2Watch. You can watch live streams of most of the sports on this website. The user interface is simple and can be understood easily. You can stream any sport but you need a VPN as the website is banned in many countries.


  • User interface can be understood easily

  • Watch any game

  • VPN is needed to access the website

Alternative 8 – ESPN

ESPN is a popular channel all over the world and you will be able to access most of the sports like cricket, hockey, football, and many others. You can watch all the American and international sports on this channel. Disney and Hearts Communications combined own the channel. If you want more from ESPN, you will have to subscribe to ESPN+ which is available at a cost of $9.99 per month.


  • Watch all the sports

  • Thousands of live events are available

  • Restart rewind, or pause anything

Alternative 9 – SportLemon

SportLemon is a website where you can stream different kinds of sports like football, hockey, cricket, baseball, basketball, and many more. The excellent user interface of this website runs smoothly and you will not find any ads while streaming. The user interface is well-organized and you can stream any content without creating an account


  • Stream any sport

  • Simple and well-organized user interface

  • No need to create an account

Alternative 10 – Wiziwig

Wiziwig offers streaming services for different types of sports. The website has millions of users and subscribers who like to stream different kinds of sports. You will get content regarding the sports like rugby, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and many more. The content on the website is available in many languages


  • Stream sports of different kinds

  • Latest news of every sport available

  • Supports multiple languages


Stream2Watch is a website which people can use to stream sports like cricket, football, hockey, rugby, and many more. The website works very fast but you will face distracting ads while watching your favorite matches. The website is illegal and banned in many countries. There are many alternatives which you can use to stream sports.

Updated on: 04-May-2023

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