SoapUI - Troubleshooting

In SoapUI, the users face many generic common issues that could be sort out with a little alertness. Some of these most common issues are the following −

Issue − Namespace is defined wrongly. Use the correct namespace. The namespace should be the URL where the web service is located.

Solution − If an error is thrown while developing a scripting assertion, use '' to print the contents of the variables.

Issue − If a fault-code is received as response XML, it may be due to the invalid input.

Solution − Verify the input of request XML.

Example − In the currency converter, if the input of the 'FromCurrency' is '123' which is not existing, the output throws a fault code as 'SOAP-Client' which means that the issue is with the parameter that is being passed from the client side.




Fault Code

Issue − No match in current response when using XPath or XQuery.


  • Use the correct syntax while defining XPath or XQuery.
  • Verify colon is used and not dot while declaring the namespace.
  • Ensure that XPath and XQuery are correct.
Not Match Response