SoapUI - NG Pro

SoapUI is an open source free version tool with basic features of testing, while SoapUI NG Pro is a commercialized tool having advanced features of reporting, data-driven functionality and much more.


The following table compares and contrasts the various features of SoapUI and SoapUI NG Pro.

Features SoapUI SoapUI NG Pro
Supported Technologies
SOAP Yes Yes
REST Yes Yes
JMS Yes Yes
AMF Yes Yes
JDBC Yes Yes
HTTP Yes Yes
General Features
Standalone Application Yes Yes
Multi Environment Support No Yes
Floating Licence No Yes
WSDL Coverage No Yes
Request/Response Coverage No Yes
Message Assertion Yes Yes
Test Refactoring No Yes
Running multiple tests Yes Yes
Data Source Driven Test No Yes
Scripting Libraries No Yes
Unit Reporting No Yes
Manual test steps Yes Yes
Junit Reports No Yes
Report Data Export No Yes
WSDL HTML Report Yes Yes
Test Suite Coverage No Yes
Test Case Coverage No Yes
Assertion Coverage No Yes
Message Recording Coverage No Yes