SoapUI - Capabilities

SoapUI is rich in the following five aspects −

  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Protocols and Technologies
  • Integration with other tools

Let’s learn more about each of these capabilities.

Functional Testing

  • SoapUI allows the testers to write functional API tests in SoapUI.

  • SoapUI supports Drag-Drop feature that accelerates the script development.

  • SoapUI supports debugging of tests and allows testers to develop data driven tests.

  • SoapUI supports multiple environments making it easy to switch among QA, Dev, and Prod environments.

  • SoapUI allows advanced scripting (the tester can develop their custom code depending on the scenarios).

Security Testing

  • SoapUI performs a complete set of vulnerability scan.

  • SoapUI prevents SQL Injection to secure the databases.

  • SoapUI scans for stack overflows, caused by documents huge in size.

  • SoapUI scans for cross-site scripting, which occurs when service parameters are exposed in messages.

  • SoapUI performs fuzzing scan and boundary scan to avoid erratic behavior of the services.

Load Testing

  • SoapUI distributes the load tests across n number of LoadUI agents.

  • SoapUI simulates high volume and real-world load testing with ease.

  • SoapUI allows advanced custom reporting to capture performance parameters.

  • SoapUI allows end-to-end system performance monitoring.

Protocols & Technologies

SoapUI supports a wide range of protocols −

  • SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol
  • WSDL – Web Service Definition Language
  • REST – Representational State Transfer
  • HTTP – Hyper Text Transmission Protocol
  • HTTPS – Hyper Text Transmission Protocol Secured
  • AMF – Action Message Format
  • JDBC – Java Database Connectivity
  • JMS – Java Messaging Service

Integration with Other Tools

  • Apache Maven Project
  • JUnit
  • Apache – Ant and more….