SoapUI - TestCase

A TestCase is a collection of TestSteps assembled to test some specific aspect of web service(s). The user can add n number of TestCases to a TestSuite and even modularize them to call each other for complex testing scenarios.

Creation of TestCase

Step 1 − Within a TestSuite, the user can add multiple test cases. Right-click on the Test Suite and select “New Test Case”.

New Testcase

Step 2 − Enter the name of the TestCase and click OK.

TestCase Name

The created TestCase has zero test steps as of now. TestCase is added with zero TestSteps for all kinds of tests available. Once the TestSteps are added, the numbers in the bracket would change automatically. The functional TestStep should go into 'Test Steps' while a performance TestStep should go into 'Load Test', and a security TestStep should go into 'Security Tests'.

Functional Test

Step 3 − Double-click the TestCase Name, and a TestCase window opens on the right hand side panel. Since there are no TestSteps added, it is blank as seen in the following screenshot.

Testcase Window