Project Setup


REST Project setup includes TestSuite and TestCase similar to SoapUI Project setup.

Project Setup

Step 1 − Go to File → New REST Project.

Restful Project

Step 2 − Provide URI and click OK. However, in this case we will import WADL downloaded while installing the SoapUI at SoapUI-Tutorials/WSDL-WADL folder.

New Rest

Step 3 − Click Import WADL and browse the folder. Select .wadl file. Click Open.

Sample Service

Step 4 − Click OK.

Project Workspace

SoapUI creates the specified project and imports the WADL, resulting in the following object hierarchy in the navigator. Here you can see the core items that make up a REST Service project −

  • The project (sample-service)

  • The REST Service (sample-service)

  • A resource (accountcreation)

  • A GET method for accessing the resource (Register a new account)

  • Default request is generated by SoapUI for this method (“Request 1”) ... and so on...

Default Request

Note − Creation of TestSuite and TestCase for REST project is same as SoapUI. Right-click SoapUI and select General TestSuite/TestCase respectively.