ServiceNow Alternatives

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a platform that has the ability of automating all business tasks. The software can also be used to create workflows for different organizations. You can customize the software as per your requirements. Automation is done by using Machine Learning technology. The software can be used by developers, IT staff, admins, support teams, and many more.

Why ServiceNow Alternatives?

ServiceNow is a useful software but has some disadvantages which are listed below −

  • Difficult to use

  • Business intelligence features are not much powerful

  • It is complex to create and automate workflows

  • Transparent pricing is not offered

  • Loading speed is slow

  • Software is updated frequently

How to choose a ServiceNow Alternative?

ServiceNow is being used by many organizations due to different types of features and benefits. Some of these benefits are as follows −

  • All IT requests can be handled easily

  • Can integrate easily with other systems

  • The software is fully customizable

Top 10 ServiceNow Alternatives

There are many alternatives to ServiceNow and some of them are discussed here in detail.

Alternative 1 – ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs Help Desk provides different features which a team needs to improve and enhance the experience of end users. IT incidents and requests can be easily managed with the help of multiple channels like web forms, email, live chat, etc. It also provides 24/7 assistance to its customers.


  • Urgent requests are prioritized

  • Automated notification sharing with end users and agents

  • Uses email surveys to track user experience


  • User interface is simple

  • IT support is automated through chatbots

Alternative 2 – Jira

Jira is a software application which can be used for project management and issue tracking. The software has three segments listed below −

  • Jira Software

  • Jira Service Desk

  • Jira Core

Jira Service Desk can be easily created by different departments like HR, Admin, IT, etc. through Jira Service Management. All incidents and requests can be easily tracked.


  • End users can search easily for knowledge-based articles

  • IT assets can be tracked easily for auditing and inventory management

  • Bulk actions can be taken o tickets

  • Can easily integrate with third-party software

  • Ownership of support tickets can be transferred easily

Alternative 3 – Salesforce

Salesforce is a customer relationship management software which is being used by more than 150,000 for the automation of marketing, sales and different types of business processes. Salesforce is a platform for process automation. Salesforce earns its revenues from different segments which are as follows −


Revenue in percentage

Sales Cloud


Service Cloud


Marketing Cloud





  • Self0-service help center can be easily created

  • Customers are allowed for video and phone appointments

  • Customer data can be accessed for personalize communication

  • Monitor chat, SMS, emails, etc. from only one dashboard


  • Salesforce has AI-powered chatbots

  • Self-service portals can be easily created for mobile

Alternative 4 – Zluri

Zluri is a SaaS management software which organizations can use to automate different types of business tasks. The software also reduces security and compliance risks. Zluri can integrate easily with 500 SaaS apps. The software also helps in the removal of unused and less-used apps.


  • Easy to get details of SaaS subscriptions

  • Get alerts regarding updates for different apps

  • The software has an automatic vendor management system


  • Organization subscriptions can be easily discovered

  • Contract renewals can be automated

  • Unsafe apps are removed easily

  • Great choice for managing multiple currencies

Alternative 5 – BMC Helix

The BMC Helix provides enterprise service management features along with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and DevOps. BMC software has the ability to meet the current and future requirements of an organization. It can be deployed easily in the cloud or on-premises.


  • Delivers critical services on time

  • Agent productivity can be boosted through artificial intelligence

  • It includes self-service

  • Change and configuration management are also included


  • Deployment is easy

  • The software is easy to understand and use

  • Can integrate with different tools like Microsoft Outlook


  • User interface is cluttered

  • Get stuck sometimes

Alternative 6 – ConnectWise

ConnectWise is a software application that can be used to enhance a business. The software provides different kinds of solutions which can help an organization to grow. These solutions include automation, security optimization, and many more. It is an excellent software for startups. Currently, the software is being used by 1116 companies for automation of their business processes and managing IT assets.


  • The software offers process automation solutions

  • It is a service-centric platform

  • The platform also provides IT asset management tools not available with ServiceNow


  • Tracking features can be used easily

  • User interface can be easily customized


  • The platform speed becomes slow sometimes

Alternative 7 – CloudTutorial

CloudTutorial is a knowledge-based software application which can help your customers to get answers to all of their questions. It helps in reducing almost 80 percent of the tickets The software can be used in any industry and has beneficial pricing plans. Free plan is also available to test whether software is useful for you or not.


  • The platform can be easily customized

  • Create categories and subcategories to make the search easier

  • Employees can be added for the management of articles

  • The software is easy to use


  • Flexible for every industry

  • Customers can get answers to their queries easily


  • No live chat support available

Alternative 8 – SolarWinds Service Desk

SolarWinds Service Desk is a cloud-based help desk and service management software. The service management software uses ITIL processes to help support agents for improving IT services. Incidents can be managed with the help of tickets and give priority to the tickets raised by end users.


  • The software includes asset, IT, and incident management

  • Can be integrated easily with more than 200 cloud applications

  • Services can be standardized through service catalog


  • User interface is easy to understand and use

  • It is an on-premise tool

  • Time entries can be easily tracked


  • Exploring the whole software can take a lot of time

Alternative 9 – SysAid

SysAid is another popular alternative to ServiceNow. The software can be used for automating the process of incident management. It has a self-service portal which allows users to raise their tickets regarding requests and issues. They can use the knowledge base for performing self-service actions.


  • User interface can be easily customized

  • Knowledge base can be easily created

  • End users are allowed to reset their passwords


  • End users can be easily contacted through live chat

  • Different types of customization options are available

Alternative 10 – LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a ServiceNow alternative that can be used for free. The software helps in the management of all the messages sent by customers. Repetitive tasks can be easily automated The software also comes with a live chat widget.


  • Drag and drop feature available to attach files

  • Templates available for creating contact forms

  • Chat windows can be easily customized

  • Multiple tickets for similar issues can be merged easily


  • Know what customers are typing through the sneak-peek feature

  • The software can integrate with social media platforms


ServiceNow is a software which can be used for handling IT requests. The software can be used for the automation of all business tasks so that all processes can run smoothly. The software is difficult to use and automating workflows is also difficult. Organizations that are not satisfied with ServiceNow look for other options to run their business smoothly.

Updated on: 16-May-2023


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