What is is an online video downloader which allows you to download videos from different websites like YouTube. There is no need to install any software for downloading videos. The service can be used without making any payment. No registration is required to use the service. Because of all these features, the service gets millions of traffic per month. You just need to copy the URL of the video and click the Download button to download videos.

Cost of is free of cost and you can download any number of videos daily through this service.

Why alternatives? is a popular app to download videos from YouTube and other websites. The service has become inaccessible in some countries and so there is a need for alternatives. Other reasons to avoid the service are slow download speed, server may be down, no download available for a searched video. Some more reasons are listed here −

  • The video output quality is only 720p

  • Some videos are downloaded without sound

  • Bulk downloads cannot be performed

  • Scheduled download feature is not available

  • does not provide customer service

How to choose a Alternative?

Here are some of the features of which you need to consider while choosing an alternative

  • Save any media on your devices

  • Download the media directly with one click

  • Watch all the content offline after download is complete

  • Compatible with many platforms

Top 10 Alternatives

Alternative 1 – SnapDownloader

SnapDownloader comes with interesting features and the tool is easy to use for downloading videos from various websites. The tool can work easily with Windows and macOS. The videos can be downloaded up to 8K resolution. There are around 900 websites on which SnapDownloader can work. The tool also provides a bulk download feature so you can download multiple videos at a time.


  • Bulk video download feature is available

  • Videos can be converted to MP3 format

  • Download speed is high


  • Compatible with Windows and macOS

  • Videos can be downloaded from 900 websites

  • 24/7 customer support is available


  • The app cannot be used on mobile devices

  • It has to be installed on PCs

Alternative 2 – 10Downloader

The 10Downloader tool can be used to download videos from YouTube in HD quality. The tool is easy to use as you have to paste a link and the tool will use all the available resolutions to deliver the best quality. The tool has a drawback that only WEBM and MP4 videos can be downloaded. It supports video quality of 720p only.


  • Easy-to-use user interface

  • Playlists can be downloaded

  • Download videos with HD quality


  • Download speed is fast

  • Using the tool is easy


  • Downloads videos from YouTube only

  • Annoying ads and pop-ups

Alternative 3 – 4K video Downloader

4KDownloader is a tool which can download videos from a few websites which also includes YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. The app supports batch downloads and the output can be of different qualities. If you want to use advanced features, you need to make a payment for subscription. The app takes a long time in parsing the videos.


  • Bulk videos can be downloaded

  • Videos can be downloaded with different output qualities

  • Videos can be downloaded from different websites


  • Can download YouTube subtitles

  • Easy navigation

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS


  • Ads can be found in the free version

  • Free version has only basic features

  • Installation is required on a PC

Alternative 4 – Insload

Insload is an app that can download videos from Instagram. You can also download pictures, reels, stories, profile pictures, and other things available on Instagram. One of the amazing features is that you can also download private posts on Instagram.

You just need to copy and paste the link from Instagram on the Insload tool and the files will be fetched and will be ready for download.


  • Download videos pictures and other stuff from Instagram

  • Private posts can also be downloaded

  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Compatible to work with all Instagram posts

  • The app is easy and simple to use

  • Can be accessed from any device


  • Only Instagram is supported

  • Videos cannot be converted to MP3

Alternative 5 – Y2Mate

Y2Mate is a video downloader and an excellent alternative to The app allows its users to download videos in MP3 and MP4 formats. The tool has been designed to download videos from YouTube. You can also search YouTube videos on the Y2Mate website. You just need to type a keyword and all the related videos will be listed.


  • Search YouTube videos easily

  • Download videos in MP4 format

  • The tool is easy to use


  • Can download unlimited audios and videos

  • Registration is not required

  • Videos can be converted to MP3


  • Ads are displayed during video downloads

  • Malware may be installed

  • Supports limited languages

Alternative 6 – JDownloader

JDownloader is a popular tool for downloading videos. The app downloads videos at a very fast speed. The app has the ability to limit the bandwidth. You will also be allowed to extract archive automatically. The tool recognizes CAPTCHA for different websites before starting the download. This helps in downloading the videos in bulk.


  • Videos can be downloaded in bulk

  • Download speed is very fast

  • Archives can be extracted automatically


  • CAPTCHA is required for downloading videos in bulk

  • Supports multiple languages

  • Open-source software


  • Takes too much time to launch the app

  • Installation is disturbed due to ads

Alternative 7 – is a free alternative to The app can be used to download videos and audios from different types of platforms. The program also supports social networking and video-sharing websites. Some of these sites include YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The tool offers 8 output formats which include

  • MOV

  • AVI

  • MP4

  • MKV

  • AAC

  • M4A

  • MP3

  • 3GP

The app supports multiple languages which is another great feature.


  • Multiple language support

  • Subtitles available in multiple languages

  • Free to use


  • Various output formats are supported

  • Videos can be saved in different HD formats

  • Many popular websites are supported


  • Unable to download videos having music

  • Advertising can be malicious

Alternative 8 – Softorino

Softorino is an alternative to Savefrom. net that has the ability to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format. You can download videos from 60 different websites The app also consists of a search engine that will search videos at a very fast speed. There is no need to leave the app while making a search.


  • High-speed search engine

  • Convert videos into MP3

  • Trial version available


  • Videos can be downloaded from different websites

  • Subtitles or playlists can be easily downloaded

  • Easy to transfer files from iOS to other devices


  • Compatible with only Apple devices

  • Users have to pay $19,99

Alternative 9 –

Keepvid is an online platform which you can use to download videos. The platform can also be used to convert videos into audio format. Another important feature of the tool is that it can compress and edit files. The app comes with a lot of features which you can see for different purposes.


  • Add watermarks

  • Create GIFs

  • Develop slideshows


  • Interface has a professional look

  • Drag and drop feature available

  • App has editing and video conversion tools


  • Online video links are not supported

  • Difficult to learn for new users

Alternative 10 – Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader is another great alternative to The app can be used to download videos in 720p and 1080p formats from YouTube. Besides this, the app can also be sued to download videos and audios from more than 1,000 websites. The app is suitable for Windows and macOS platforms.


  • Download videos at 720p/1080p

  • Videos can be downloaded from more than 1,000 websites

  • Supports Windows and macOS platforms


  • Live videos can be downloaded

  • Inbuilt video playback is available


  • Software has to be downloaded

  • Does not support Android and iOS

Conclusion is a popular tool to download videos from YouTube. The app has some issues while downloading videos and this led the users to look for alternatives. The app has many alternatives and users can choose the one which they can use to fulfill their requirements

Updated on: 04-May-2023

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