SAP SuccessFactors - Landscape

As mentioned in the previous topic, you can use two middleware to implement integration between On-premise and Cloud environment.

HANA Cloud Integration

SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) is used to implement the integration of business processes and data between cloud and on premise solution. You can integrate business processes between different companies, organizations, or business units in a same organization. SAP HCI allows you to easily perform an ETL function Extract-TransformLoad between on premise and cloud system.


SAP Process Integration is a part of the SAP NetWeaver platform. It is called SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure XI in NetWeaver 7.0 ehp2 and older versions. SAP NetWeaver Process Integration is a part of the NetWeaver software component and is used for exchange of information in company’s internal system or with external parties.

SAP PI/XI enables you to set up cross system communication and integration and allows you to connect SAP and non-SAP systems based on different programming language like Java and SAP ABAP. It provides an open source environment that is necessary in complex system landscape for the integration of systems and for communication.

SAP Process Integration is a middleware to allow seamless integration between SAP and non-SAP application in a company or with systems outside the company.

SAP Process Integration

SAP Process Integration as middleware, Integration add-on is embedded and integration connectivity add-on is part of On-premise SAP ERP HCM suite.

The following screenshot shows the architecture of SAP PI system to set up cross-system communication. You can use this to connect SAP and non-SAP system based on Java and ABAP.

SAP PI Architecture.jpg

In the following screenshot, you can see that SAP PI is a part of SAP ERP6.0 HCM suite and landscape is separated by a single firewall between ERP and HCM suite.