SAP SuccessFactors - Intelligent Services

In SuccessFactors, you can use intelligent services to publish events to third-party applications. When there is a change in employee information, intelligent service event triggers and third-party applications can be configured as subscribers for these events.

Setting up Roles

You can set up roles for event notification subscription.

Step 1 − Login to SuccessFactors. On the home page, go to Admin Center.

Login to SuccessFactors

Step 2 − Click Manage Permission Roles. Choose the group to grant permission and go to the Permission Details Page.

Step 3 − In Permission window, go to Administration Permission > Manage Integration Tools.

  • Select Access to Event Notification subscription.

  • Select Access to Event Notification Audit Log.

Permission Settings

Step 4 − Click Done and then click Finish to make the applicable changes.

Setting Third-Party Application as Subscriber

The steps given below will guide for setting third party application as subscriber.

Step 1 − Go to Admin Center > Company Settings.

Company Settings

Step 2 − Under Company Settings, select Event Notification Subscription.

Event Notification Subscription

Step 3 − Under the Subscriber tab, click Edit Subscriber.

Edit Subscriber

Step 4 − Select the Add Subscriber button to add third party application as subscriber.

Add Subscriber

Step 5 − Enter the Subscriber ID field. Rest of the fields are optional.

Enter Subscriber ID

Configure External Subscribers

To configure external subscribers for specified events, follow the steps given below −

Step 1 − Go to SEB External Event Tab under Event notification subscription.

SEB External Event

Step 2 − Click the Add Topic button −

Subscription Add Topic

Step 3 − Select the event that you want your third-party application to subscribe −

Change in Business Unit

Step 4 − Click Add subscription to add subscriber for these type of events.

Event Add subscription

Step 5 − Configure the subscriber from the available list and click Save.

Event Employee Hire