New Period Closing Program

Use Transaction code FAGL_EHP4_T001B_COFI or navigate as mentioned in Period Lock under FI. Enter Pstng period variant and click the Continue button.

Determine Work

You can assign a separate posting period variant to a ledger/company code combination. You can also control the opening and the closing of a period by ledger in this way.

Posting Period

CO Transaction for Opening/Closing Periods

Step 1 − To perform opening/closing period under Controlling, use Transaction code OKP1.


Step 2 − In the next window, you have to enter the Current Year in the Fiscal Year box and click the Actual button or press F5. Select a period that you want to lock and click the Lock Period.

Lock Period

Step 3 − You can also Unlock Period, Lock Transaction, or Unlock Transaction.

Unlock Transaction
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