SAP Simple Finance - Integration

You can also integrate Simple Finance Integration with Cash Management, Cash Operations, Bank Account Management, and Liquidity Management.

SAP Cash Management powered by SAP HANA provides various benefits −

Bank Account Management

Following features are available under Bank Account Management −

  • Centralized Bank Account Management
  • Lifecycle Management for Bank Accounts
  • Master Data Fully Charged by Business Users

Cash Operations

Following features are available under Cash Operations −

  • Short Term Cash Positions Analysis
  • Make and Track Bank Transfers

Liquidity Management

Following features are available under Liquidity Management −

  • Mid and Long Term Liquidity Forecast
  • Actual Cash Flow Analysis
  • Embedded Rolling Liquidity Planning and Variance Analysis

Following are SAP Smart Business apps available under Fiori User Interface for Cash Management.

Analytical and Transaction Fiori Apps

When you open SAP Fiori Launchpad, you can see the list of Transactional and Analytical apps under Liquidity Management and Bank Account Management that can be used with SAP FI.

Under Liquidity Management, you have the following apps −

  • Develop Liquidity Plans
  • Liquidity Forecast
  • Cash Flow
  • Liquidity Plans
  • Liquidity Forecast Details
Liquidity Management

Under Bank Management, you have the following apps

  • Manage Bank Accounts
  • My Bank Account Worklist
  • Manage Banks
  • Foreign Bank Account Report
  • Manage House Banks
  • House Bank
  • House Bank Account
Bank Account
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