SAP Simple Finance - Create an Asset

In SAP Simple Finance, you can create a new asset under Asset Accounting. An asset in accounting is known as any tangible/intangible resource that can add a value and can be included in the financial statement.

Step 1 − To create a new asset, navigate to Accounting → Financial Accounting → Fixed Assets → Asset → Create → Asset or use Transaction code AS01.


Step 2 − In the next window, enter Asset class and Company Code. Press ENTER key to confirm the details.

Asset Class

Step 3 − You can select from different Asset class types as per Company Code value.

Coampany Code Value

Step 4 − In General tab, you have to enter the Description of the asset and navigate to Time Dependent tab and enter the Cost Center details.

Cost Center

Create Asset

Step 5 − Next is to Navigate to Click the Deprec. Select the Areas tab and enter the value of UseLife box.

Click Deprec

Step 6 − Click the Save button to save the entry and you will get a confirmation that asset XXXXXXX is created in the system.


Created Asset
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