Design Studio - Working with Data Sources

In SAP Design studio, you can work with data sources, edit the initial view of data source, add dimensions and measures to crosstabs and charts, etc.

We have added the following data source under the Outline view of the Design Studio.

Add Data Source

To edit an initial view of the data source, right click on the Data Source Name → Edit Initial View.

Edit Initial View

In the next window, you can see a list of all the dimensions and measures in the data source.

List of Dimensions And Measures

How to Add More Dimensions in the Data Source?

You can also add more dimensions and measures by dragging objects from the left pane to the Rows and columns box.

More Rows and Columns

You can also change the order of dimensions and measures. You can select the dimension and drag it up or down as per the requirement. Data in the crosstab also changes as per the selection.

Change Dimensions

You can also remove the extra columns from the crosstab. Select the column from the dimension/measures and move it to the left pane.

Remove Columns

Once you remove the extra column, data in the crosstab will also change accordingly.


You can also perform various other functions on the selected values, some of which are −

  • Decimal places
  • Scaling
  • Calculate Total As
  • Sort
Other Function