SAP Design Studio - Key Features

As per the Design Studio roadmap strategy, the following are the key features that are covered in the latest version of the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.6 SP2.

Features for the End-Users

  • Resizable, movable dialogs
  • Display scaling factors in Info Chart
  • Waterfall Info Charts

Features for the Analyst

  • Ad hoc currency conversion
  • Build virtual hierarchy of stacked dimensions
  • Cascading Filter for Universe and CSV as Data
  • Source

Features for the Designer, Developer, and Administrators

  • New standard components, e.g. Dialog, Filter Bar, Link, MultiLine Text Input, Switch, Progress Bar (SAP Fiori Library).

  • Info Chart Enhancements

  • Initial View Editor − Simple Calculations

  • Designer UI Enhancement − Compact Palette View

Resizable, movable Dialog

  • New component available in SAP Fiori library
  • Container component
  • Free defined buttons for dialog footer
  • Movable, resizable and full screen maintained in property sheet

Displaying Scaling Factors in Info Chart

  • Showing data label including scaling factor with Tooltips.

Waterfall Info Chart

  • New chart type

  • Semantic coloring (e.g. Negative, Positive and Total)
  • Configurable connection line
  • “Set as Total” possible in design time.

Adhoc Currency Conversion

  • New API for opening currency conversion dialog
  • Conversion based on target currency and conversion type defined in SAP BW backend
  • Can be added as custom entry in context menu

Filter Bar

  • New component in SAP Fiori library
  • End user can select dimension filters to show and set filter value
  • Toggle button to show or hide filter bar
  • Defining “On Toggle” event via API