SAP Design Studio - HANA Mode Interactive

The SAP Design Studio starts locally and it is possible to change the setting to SAP HANA mode by going to Tools → Preferences.

In Application Design, you need to select SAP HANA as the design mode instead of local and you can use SAP HANA as the data source to design applications.

Design Mode

You need to restart and when in the start-up mode change it to Design Studio. Once you click on OK, it will ask you to restart the Design Studio.


You can add a data source using SAP HANA connection now.

Connect to a Streaming Data Source

Streaming data sources in SAP allows you to create visualization on real time data in the Design Studio. To connect to a streaming data source, you should have real time package installed and Design Studio 1.4.

You can download these from SAP Marketplace. To install Real time package, go to Tools → Install Extension to Design Studio.

Install Extension

You can check real time functionality by going to the Help tab.

Help Tab

Along with the real time package, you need SAP Enterprise streaming package ESP SP9.

Installation Details

Create a Time-Based Line on Real Time Streaming

Time based line charts can handle null values if there is break in data as compared to the standard line charts.

Your streaming data source is also configured and connected to ESP.

Streaming Data

Add your chart component to the editor area in the Design Studio.

Chart Component

Drag the data source to the chart as shown in the following screenshot.

Drag Data Source

You can go to the chart type to select Additional charts from the drop down list.

Additional Chart