SAP Design Studio - Connect to a UDS

You should connect to BI platform to add data source to a new analysis application in Design Studio. You have to connect to BI platform at the time of login.

To connect to a Universe Data Source (UDS), go to the Data Source folder under Outline in a new analysis application – Right click → Add Data Source.


How to Add Universe as a Data Source?

Let us see how to add Universe as a data source. Click on Browse tab against Connection in the Add Data Source window.

Add Universe

Select eFashion.unx file to add a connection. You can also filter the connection from the available list.

Select Connection eFashion

The next step is to edit the query panel. For this, you have to click on the Edit query specification.

Query Panel

Add the dimensions and measures to result objects. You can expand each of these folders in the left pane and add objects to dimensions and measures.

Once you select all the objects, click on the OK button of the query panel. This query will be added to the add data source window. Click on OK to add this to the Data source folder under the Outline view.

Added Query

To edit the initial view, right click on the Data Source → Edit Initial View. The measures will be added to the preview tab directly.

eFashion Initial View

Add the dimensions selected in the query to Row tab.

In the following screenshot, we have added State and Category to come with measure values. You can apply formatting to measure values.

Click OK and then click on Create Cross tab.

State Category

A Cross tab has been added to the editor area and this is how you can connect to the Universe Data Source.

Crosstab Added Editor