SAP Ariba - User and Role Management

In SAP Ariba, administrators and users perform different roles. Administrators of Ariba system perform the following responsibilities −

  • Account configuration and management – registering new accounts in SAP Ariba network.

  • Handle account login issues and act as primary contact for Ariba users.

  • Creating new roles in Ariba system.

  • Linked to user name and login entered during registration.

A user has the following primary tasks in Ariba system −

  • Users can have different roles concerning procurement and supply chain process.

  • Users can update their profile in Ariba system.

  • Configuring notifications and workflows based on roles and responsibilities.

Creating Users and Roles

Administrator’s primary task is to create new users and roles in Ariba system.

  • To create new user and role, navigate to Account Settings → User tab. This will open Users page.

  • To create new role, under Manage User Roles → Create Role button.

Creating Users
  • Enter the name of role and description for the role to be created.

  • Now, add permissions to role that is based user job responsibilities.

  • To save new role, click Save. You can also check detail of an existing role, edit or delete a Role.

Manage User Roles
  • To create new User, click Create User button and mention the details about user including name and contact. Next is to select a role for new user based on roles and click Done.

Note − It is possible to create 250 users in Ariba network.

Managing User Accounts

You can also manage existing user accounts. Select an existing user under User tab and to make changes, click Edit. To make a user an administrator, click Make Administrator option.

Manage User Accounts
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