SAP Ariba - SAP ERP Transports

To integrate Ariba Procurement solution with SAP ERP system, you must download ERP transport to your procurement solution. While importing transports, you should define a target client while adding to the import queue. Transport management system in SAP system is installed and configured by SAP administrators.

The sequence to install the transports is mentioned inside the “Readme.txt” file and this file is in the ZIP file that you download from You can also import real time integration transport. However, you need to configure SAP ERP system to use real time system with your procurement solution.

To specify target client, you should use SAP Transport Management system, T-code: STMS

Transport Management System

Log on to the SAP system, that you want to add as a System, in client 000 and enter the transaction code → STMS. If system is not added, TMS will check configuration file DOMAIN.CFG and will prompt you to create one. Click → Select the Proposal and Save. The system will remain in ‘Waiting’ status initially.

To complete the task → login to the Domain Controller System → Transaction STMS → Go to Overview → Systems. You can now see that a new system is available. Go to SAP System → Approve.

Domain Controllers
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