Sap Ariba - Buyers and Supplier Terms

SAP Ariba is an online platform to provide services to buyers and suppliers. Ariba’s online services are used by buyers of goods or services or by suppliers of goods and services. Ariba has set different terms applicable for the use of online services by buyers. The terms of use document shows the terms applicable to goods and services suppliers.

Terms of Use (Suppliers)

Terms of Use (Buyers)

Other Terms and Policies for Services Provided by Ariba

Let us now look into the other terms and policies for services provided by Ariba −

Terms and Policies for Services

  • Long-Term Document Archiving
  • Country Coverage
  • Dynamic Discounting Credit Memos

Terms and Policies for Payments

  • AribaPay
  • Supply Chain Financing

Terms and Policies for Optional Services

  • Cloud Integration Gateway
  • Master Content Services

To check details about the above-mentioned Ariba terms, navigate to this link −

Ariba Trems Center
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