SAP Ariba - Account Configuration

In SAP Ariba, you can access and configure new accounts, set email notifications, electronic order and invoice routing and other account related configuration for new suppliers.

SAP Ariba Account
  • To configure account access and configuration, you need to navigate to Company Settings tab.

  • Navigate to Company Profile tab to update company profile information.

Ariba Network

From the company profile menu, you can update the below information −

  • Basic company profile
  • Business Details
  • Marketing
  • Company Contacts
  • Certification details
  • Additional documents
Company Profile

Creating Notifications

SAP Ariba allows you to set notifications and access network notification. You can choose on the email notifications you want to receive and you can also enter the email address where you want these notifications to be sent.

To set notifications,go to Notification tab → Network

Creating Notifications

You can enter three email addresses for each notification and these should be separated with a comma. As mentioned, preferred language configured by Administrator controls the language used in sending notifications.

Managing Electronic Order Routing

You can manage electronic order routing by using Network Settings option →Electronic Order Routing. You can select from the following methods to transact business with your customers −

  • Email
  • Online
  • cXML
  • EDI
  • Fax

Online Routing

Using this option, you can send PO to Ariba inbox without sending extra copies elsewhere.

Email Order Routing

You have the option to include document in email message by selecting check box; this will further send a complete copy of PO in email.

EDI Routing

The ERP system can be configured with Ariba solution and the PO can be sent via EDI.

EDI Routing

Managing Electronic Invoice Routing

There are different ways you can also manage electronic invoice routing. To set preferences −

  • Go to Electronic Invoice Routing

  • You can select from one of the following routing methods − Online, cXML, and EDI. You can also set email notification for invoice routing.

  • With Tax Invoicing option, you can also enter Tax ID, VAT ID and other tax related supporting data.

Invoice Routing

You can use Invoice Archival option to specify frequency of zipped invoice archives. Goto Tax Invoicing and Archiving tab → Invoice Archival → Configure Invoice Archival. You can select from the following frequency −

  • Twice Daily
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly

You can also select the Archive Immediately option to archive invoices in zip format immediately.

Invoice Archival
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