Configuring Ariba Procurement Solution

Ariba Administrator is responsible for configuration of SAP PI URL for all the exports tasks in web-based integration. The sample URL looks like −


Using Ariba Procurement solution, a user can enter information about the items ordered by them. For this, Ariba system and SAP ERP system should receive information in the same way. By setting system parameters, you can configure receiving tolerances in the below system parameters. These parameters can be set by submitting a request with Ariba contact and the Ariba support representative will contact you −

  • Application.Procure.OverReceivingOperator
  • Application.Procure.OverReceivingPercentage
  • Application.Procure.OverReceivingQuantity
  • Application.Procure.OverReceivingValue
  • Application.Procure.UnderReceivingOperator
  • Application.Procure.UnderReceivingQuantity
  • Application.Procure.UnderReceivingValue
  • Application.Procure.UnderReceivingPercentage

Generating ERP Order by Default

An ERP order is generated when you create a requisition first time. To generate an ERP order by default, the default browser should be changed in the service manager.

Let us now see the steps to generate ERP order by default.

Login to the Service Manager using the Power User. On the left side, you have the Site Manager option → Customer Sites.

Generating ERP

Login as Customer Support Admin and click Customization Manager → Advance Tab and then select Parameters. You need to search for order methods and click the Edit option.

Move to the top of the list → OK → Save.

While configuring Ariba Procurement solution, you can also define preferred ordering method for Purchase Order that will be sent to suppliers. Following are the supported formats −

  • cXML
  • Fax
  • URL
  • Print
  • Email
  • Online

In case this field is blank, it takes the URL as the ordering method by default. If you want the Purchase Order to be downloaded in a CSV file, you must set the value of the preferred ordering method to Print. To set your preferred ordering method, please have your Designated Support Contact log a service request following which an Ariba Customer Support representative will contact you.

Network Setting

With the use of parameters, you can also enable cancel order integration. To enable this, parameter Application.Procure.UseCancelOrderIntegration must be set to “Yes”. You can submit an Ariba service request following which an Ariba support representative will contact you to set this parameter value.

You can also set a unique number for Purchase Order identifier. By default, Ariba Procurement Solution generates order number starting from EP10. To specify your unique number for Purchase Orders, you can submit an Ariba service request following which an Ariba support representative will contact you.

In Ariba, you can also create split orders where line items are in different currencies. In this case, an order that will be created should be split based on the different currency types. The SAP ERP system does not support Purchase Orders with line items having different currency types.

To split an order, you need to go to the Advance tab and select Split Order on this field and click OK. To publish order, click Publish button.

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