Seating Arrangements


In a job interview, it is always preferred that two people should sit facing each other on either of the parallel sides of the table. This is the configuration which is required even during competitive games like chess or playing cards. However, when a person is counseling someone closely or is teaching something, it is advised to sit in an L shaped position, with you sitting at right angles to the other person.

On a table, two people sit at diagonally opposite positions to convey non- involvement and independence. This is one permutation that is often seen in libraries. When people have to co-operate with each other on some task, they sit side by side on the same side of the table.

To sit facing each other on either sides of the table shows a competitive position or a position of serious discussion. It is said that in the competitive position, communication is the least and retention of messages is the lowest.

Competitive Position

Hence, whenever three or more people are involved, it is always better to go for a round table. The round table removes any edges or corners and disrupts the tilt of power on one side. In a round table, the power gets distributed well at all places and hence, is found to be suitable for group discussions and design thinking activities.