Good Sitting Postures


A lot of conversations happen while sitting as well. Job interviews, group discussions, or even candid talk with friends happen a lot while sitting in a restaurant, café or library. A lot of attention needs to be given to body language while having a conversation in the sitting position.

Rule 1: Face the Person

Always face towards the other person while speaking. Like in standing posture, here too, try to face your heart towards the heart of the other person. Don’t sit sideways unless necessary.

Also keep looking out for such signs in the other person. If the other person is sitting sideways for some considerable amount of time, it is better to drop out of the conversation as the other person is not interested.

Face The Person

Rule 2: Look into the Eyes

The second point is to maintain direct eye contact with the other person. Look into the eyes of the other person without intimidating him or her.

Rule 3: Mind Your Legs

The third point to focus on is the movement of legs. Since legs are far away from our eyes, we usually forget to keep the legs in check. Too much leg movement is not a good sign. Juggling of the legs show lack of interest in the ongoing activity and a longing to escape from it.

Rule 4: Don’t Slouch

The fourth point to take care of is to not hunch or slouch while sitting. During a job interview, don’t place your arms over the desk and don’t lean forward. The feet must be placed firm on the ground and must not be juggling at all. The spine must be straight and head must be held high. However, when you are having a candid conversation with friends, it is fine to place your arms over the desk and to lean forward. That shows your interest in what the other person is saying.

Don't Slouch

While sitting, avoid massaging your head, ears or forehead. Doing so signifies vulnerability and uneasiness.


Rule 5: Scream of Importance

While sitting during any conversation, don’t restrict your legs to a small space. Try to spread out your legs a little. It shows that you occupy some space and that you are in charge.

During group discussions, it is a bad gesture for a man to keep one’s legs crossed. However, ladies can sit with legs crossed without any issue. During interviews, it is preferred to sit with uncrossed legs as it signifies openness and acceptance.