Good Standing Postures


Most of the times when we meet people, we are standing in front of them. Be it a casual meeting on the roadside or meeting someone in the office or having a conversation with a friend at a party, many of the conversations in our life happens in a standing position.

Following are the important postures to look for while standing and having a conversation.

Rule 1: Stand Erect

The first point to be kept in mind is to stand with the spine erect. The back must be straight as this gives an impression of being tall. A taller appearance creates good impression as well. You must not slouch or hunch.

Hunching or slouching gives an impression of laziness and lethargy. A person won’t like to approach you to talk if you appear to be weak or lethargic. Active personality is always preferred by people. Bad standing posture also symbolizes low self-esteem. This is not a good attribute to sport while standing.

Stand Erect

Rule 2: Face the Person

The second point to remember is to not face sideways from your listener. Try to stand facing the person who you are communicating with. Standing sideways shows that you want to run away from the person and don’t want to continue talking. Watch out for the same signals from the other person as well. If that person is standing sideways, please stop the conversation as soon as possible. This is because the other person is not interested in the conversation.

The best way to stand is to direct your heart towards the other person. Ensure that your heart faces the heart of the other person without any obstruction in between. Standing with arms crossed over the chest is also a big ‘No’. It is better to stand akimbo or with your hands over your waist. Having crossed arms symbolizes defensive position or introvert nature. This type of attitude is seldom liked by people and it puts most of the people off.

Rule 3: Free Your Hands

The third point to be careful about is to not put your hands inside your pockets, while talking to someone. This posture shows disrespect. Keeping hands in the pocket shows that a person is not interested to talk. Remember that arms are the vocal chords of body language and can speak volumes about your attitude and interest.

Free Your Hands

Rule 4: Look into the Eyes

The fourth point to be careful about is to look into the eyes of the other person without intimidating him or her. If you keep looking away from the other person, it will show lack of interest in the conversation on your part. Keep looking for these signs in the other person too. Perhaps, the other person is looking away from you for most of the time. That will mean that the person is not engrossed in you and hence, it is better to let the person go.

Rule 5: Move, Yet Mind Your Limbs

Last but not the least; it is okay to have some limb movements. Moving hands to a certain extent shows your interest in the conversation and your excitement levels too. Don’t fret too much with hands, and try to keep your palms open. You should also stand with your legs apart. Don’t fiddle with your nose using your fingers because that symbolizes shyness and lack of confidence. Moreover, the legs must not be crossed. Crossed legs signify uncertainty and closed nature.