Positive Body Language Tutorial

Positive Body Language Tutorial

This tutorial delineates the fact that body language plays a pivotal role in our day-to-day activities and relationships with others. Proper body language is required for building a good rapport and developing good relationships with our friends, colleagues, and family members. If we don’t follow the rules of good body language, our repute and chances of landing into better opportunities can reduce drastically.

Improper body language leads to ruined interviews, wrong first impressions, and conveyance of wrong messages. This tutorial details certain tips and techniques to develop a positive body language and to project oneself in public in a more confident and elegant manner.

Body language is not just about hand or leg movements, but also about how we conduct ourselves when we are at rest. Hence, positive body language is a must for not only interviews or formal discussions but also for functions, parties, and any kind of meeting or interaction we are involved in on a daily basis.


This tutorial is aimed towards people who are in college or are about to join the corporate sector and also for those professionals working in any different organizations. Individuals who have no knowledge on proper body language can benefit from this tutorial.


There is no prerequisite for this tutorial. Similarly, there is no barrier of language or ethnicity for gaining benefit from this tutorial.