Positive Body Language - Mind Your Fingers


Even if the eyes, arms, and legs are at a proper place, the fingers can still play a spoilsport. The hands and the fingers together give away a lot of information about us and the other people as well. Moreover, when we speak with our hand gestures and finger movements, it is easier for the other person to retain what we have spoken about. Hence, hand movements help in retention of messages too. Let us take a look at the different hand gestures that are commonly observed around the world.

Rubbing of Palms

The rubbing of palms against each other is perceived to be a sign of expectancy. Rubbing of palms together is symbolic of having expectation of positive outcomes. This expression is quite common in sales pitch as well. The sales teams of many organizations tell about an offer to other people using folded hands and palms rubbing against each other.

Rubbing the palms at a faster rate shows that the person is thinking of the benefits for the other and is an apparently good-natured person. But a slow rub of hands with a smile conveys that the intentions are devious and the person is selfish.

Thumb and Finger Rub

The rubbing of fingers and the thumb against each other shows that the person has an expectancy of getting money. This is one reason why this gesture must be used with caution in front of people.

Clenched Hands

People who stand or sit with clenched fists convey frustration. People adopt clenched fists when they are anxious, angry or fed up with something, but are trying to restrain themselves. The clenched fists can conceal the negative feelings of the person when the person is losing some deal or is not feeling good about his current experience.

The Steeple


The steeple is the gesture which a person gives by placing his fingers of one hand over the fingers of the other hand and forming a church steeple. This gesture shows confidence and can also exude authority, and in many cases, superiority.

This gesture needs to be avoided if you want to persuade someone, as it can give a wrong signal that you are trying to be haughty and are trying to impose your thoughts rather than trying to convince.

The Face Platter

The face platter is a positive body gesture in which a person, especially a lady, places the fingers of one hand over those of the other and then places her chin on the combination of fingers. This is used to increase one’s appeal and is a way to present one’s face to the other.

Holding Hands Back

Holding hands back is a way to show superiority, power, and confidence, and is often adopted by royal families, police force, or the military. Along with a straight back and chin held up, it shows that the person holds authority and deserves awe and respect. This posture is recommended to those people who feel tensed during job interviews.

If one hand grips the wrist of the other hand, it conveys frustration and an attempt of self-control. As the hand climbs the other hand from the wrist, the level of frustration being exuded increases. If a person holds his arm with the other hand, it means that the frustration level of the person is higher.

Holding Hands Back

One also needs to be cautious about the display of thumb in public. If your thumb protrudes out of your waistcoat or your pocket, it is symbolic of aggressive attitude and dominance. This gesture is usually adopted by people of higher social stature.

If a person has kept his hands inside the back pockets and the thumbs are protruding, then it shows that the person is trying to hide some feeling from us. Some people close their arms and yet, keep displaying their thumbs. That is again, a way to show dominance along with showing that he/she is closed to conversations.