Ikea Alternatives

What is Ikea?

Ikea is a company that sells furniture all over the world. The company has 400 stores worldwide which sell household accessories at affordable prices. The company is based in Sweden and sells kitchenware, furniture, and other home accessories. Besides all these, Ikea also has a restaurant where 1,000 people can have their meals at a time. In India, Ikea has its stores in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

Why Ikea Alternatives?

There are a few disadvantages of Ikea which are listed below −

  • Some products are available at low prices but are of low quality

  • Physical stores are limited

  • Delivery and shipping service is not good

How to choose an Ikea Alternative?

If you want to choose an alternative to Ikea, you need to look for the following benefits −

  • Ikea is successful because products are available at affordable prices

  • Ikea has more than 600 million visitors

  • Products available in Ikea are unique

Top 10 Ikea Alternatives

Ikea has many disadvantages so there is a need to look for some alternatives. Here we will discuss these alternatives in detail.

Alternative 1 – Wayfair

Wayfair was launched in Boston in 2002. It is an online store which consists of more than 14 million products for sale. The services of the store are used by the people of the USA, the UK, and Canada. You can find different types of furniture, home improvement, and home décor products. Wayfair also has physical stores where customers can touch the products physically before making a purchase. The store provides free shipping if the order is above $35.


  • The store has more than 14 million products

  • More than 25 million people make purchases from the store

  • Physical stores of the online store are also available at different locations

Alternative 2 – CB2

Different ranges of modern furniture can be found in the CB2 store. The store also provides home accessories and furnishings. CB2 is a part of Crate and Barrel that sells traditional furniture. The new branch, CB2, deals with the modern ones. The furniture offered by CB2 can be easily fitted in any room. You can also find lighting, carpets, paintings, fixtures, and many more.


  • Get modern furniture that can fit in any room

  • Get decorative items like furnishings, paintings, fixtures, etc.

  • Products available at affordable price

Alternative 3 – Muji

Muji is a Japanese company whose products are simple because of quality craftsmanship. You can also find different types of deals on each product. You can find products from stationery to apparel. There are a few kinds of furniture available here which cannot be found in any other store. The company is popular because of its inventory of furniture.


  • Different types of furniture available

  • Various deals on different products

  • Everything from stationery to apparel is available

Alternative 4 – Froy

Froy deals in Scandinavian décor and furniture. The designs of some of the furniture are similar to that of Ikea. A great collection of furniture and décor are available at the store. Froy also offers many complementary pieces along with the furniture. The accessories give a good look to the furniture and the room. The price of the furniture is affordable and shipping is available for free


  • Furniture of good quality available

  • Accessories available with furniture

  • Products available at affordable prices

Alternative 5 – Amazon

Amazon was started to let its customers get access to different types of bools. Later the number of products diversified and now you can get various items at affordable prices. You can search for the desired product easily as the website has many filter options.


  • Diverse range of products

  • Various items available at affordable prices

  • Free delivery

Alternative 6 – Target

Target is an American shop where different items can be found for purchase. These items include electronics, food, pet supplies, and many more. Physical store of the shop is available in more than 1,900 locations all over the United States. People who want to decorate their homes with different furniture and furnishings can visit the shop. The costs of the items available are lower than Ikea. The store also gives discounts and coupons to its customers


  • Different types of products available

  • The company gives discounts and coupons to its customers

  • Prices are lower than Ikea

Alternative 7 – Ferm LIVING

Ferm LIVING is a store where you can find Scandinavian products available at affordable prices. You can find products for all the rooms in your house. The products available are made by using materials of high quality. You can find the products at reasonable prices. You can find great deals on small products and decorative items.


  • Scandinavian products can be found at reasonable prices

  • Products are made by using high-quality materials

  • The shop provides good deals on shopping of accessories and small items

Alternative 8 – HomeGoods

If you want interior design styles, you can go to HomeGoods which offers products like furniture, and home furnishing items. You can find different varieties of Scandinavian pieces. The search option will let you find the piece of your choice easily.


  • Many Scandinavian products available

  • Purchase home furnishing products and furniture at affordable prices

Alternative 9 – Ashley HomeStore

Ashley Home Store was launched in 1997 in Florida. This is a furniture store which operates at more than 1,000 locations all over the world. Ashley Furniture Industries is the owner of Ashley HomeStore. And you can find furniture of high quality at a reasonable price. The furniture provided by the store is available for different rooms in a house like kitchen, bedroom, dining room, etc. You can also fine wall arts, lamps carpets, and many other accessories.


  • Products available for different rooms

  • More than 1,000 stores can be found worldwide

  • Special deals and discounts are also available

Alternative 10 – Walmart

Walmart is an online store where you can find a variety of products at affordable prices. The store is considered as a strong alternative to Ikea. Furniture is available for bedroom, dining room, and other rooms. You can also find many home design products on this website. Delivery and assembly services are also provided by the company. You can also go for financing options.


  • Furniture available is of high quality

  • Purchase goods at affordable prices

  • The store also provides delivery and assembly services


Ikea is a popular store where you can find furniture and other household items at affordable prices. prices. Ikea has a few disadvantages regarding delivery and assembling of products. Unhappy people looked for some alternatives like Walmart, Muji, Wayfair, and many more. They provide their products and services at affordable prices.

Updated on: 12-Apr-2023


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