Microsoft Windows (10) Vs macOS (Mojave)


Microsoft Windows 10 has become the most recent version available for Microsoft Corporation's prevalent platform. It became available in the year 2015 and has since grown into one of the most popular laptop operating systems. The latest version of Windows has an adaptable user experience, sophisticated safety features, and broad integration with a wide range of both hardware and software machines.

Mac OS X Mojave, on the opposing conjunction, is the most recent update to Apple Inc.'s OS. It came out in the year 2018 as well as is accessible only on devices made by Apple. Mojave, the latest version of mac OS, has a slick user experience, sophisticated safety measures, and effortless compatibility with additional Apple hardware like the iPhone as well as tablets.

In this article, we will be talking about the various differences between the two operating systems, their advantages, and disadvantages, etc.

Differences between Microsoft Windows (10) and mac OS (Mojave)

Here are the differences between the two operating systems in brief in the table below.


Microsoft Windows 10

MacOS Mojave


Developed by Microsoft Corporation

Developed by Apple Inc.

User Interface

Highly customizable and adaptable

Simplistic and intuitive design


Compatible with a wide range of hardware and software

Best for creative fields and Apple hardware


Widely available and supported by hardware manufacturers

Limited to Apple devices and ecosystem


Built-in security features such as Windows Defender and Bit Locker

Built-in security features such as Gatekeeper and File Vault

Update Policy

Frequent updates, including security patches and feature enhancements

Less frequent updates, but with more stability and fewer bugs


Typically pre-installed on new computers or available for purchase

Free to download and install on compatible Apple devices


Highly customizable with a range of options for personalization

Limited customization options compared to Windows


Generally requires more powerful hardware to run smoothly

Optimized for Apple hardware and often runs smoothly on older devices


Listed below represent a few of the perks of Windows 10 by Microsoft and Apple's macOS Mojave −

Advantages of Microsoft Windows (10)

  • Compatibility − Windows 10 integrates with a wide variety of programs and hardware machines. It is frequently utilized and backed by both computer and hardware programmers, which makes it a flexible and adaptable system for computing.

  • Customization − Individuals with Windows 10 can customize their computer's desktop surroundings through modifications to the backdrop, color plans, and various other graphic components. This gives users greater authority over their browsing experience

  • Gaming − Given its ability to work alongside an extensive selection of activities and hardware components, Windows 10 is frequently regarded as the get-it-to OS for playing games

  • Price − 10 tends to be less expensive compared to the latest version of macOS Mojave as well as is frequently included on newly purchased personal computers as well as laptop computers.

  • Virtualization − The use of virtualization programs, that enables clients to operate various operating systems in a simulated setting, is supported by Windows 10. This can be helpful when evaluating software or operating various OSes on a single device.

Advantages of mac OS(Mojave)

  • Security − As a result of Apple's tight supervision of both software and hardware in its environment, mac OS Mojave is frequently regarded as more reliable compared to Windows 10. This aids in the prevention of malicious software and other safety hazards.

  • User Interface − The interface of mac OS Mojave is appealing to the eye and easy to use. It features a simple design which makes it simple to get around and utilize.

  • Creativity − Since mac OS Mojave is optimized for multimedia programs, it is widespread among experts in professions that include audio, video, and illustration design

  • Integration − macOS Mojave integrates seamlessly with other gadgets made by Apple that include iOS devices and tablets. This enables features such as Continuous growth, which enables consumers to switch among equipment whereas performing the same assignment.

  • Updates − Mac OS Mojave is regularly updated with fresh capabilities and improvements to security. Upgrades are frequently programmed, which makes it simple for consumers to stay current with the most recent program enhancements.


Listed below represent a few of the drawbacks of Windows 10 by Microsoft and Apple's macOS Mojave −

Disadvantages of Microsoft Windows (10)

  • Security − Although Windows 10's safety features have been significantly improved, it continues to be at risk from malicious software and other safety hazards. The situation is particularly true for older OS versions as well.

  • Updates − Improvements to Windows 10 tend to be frequent and laborious, and these can be aggravating for some consumers. Furthermore, updates may occasionally lead to conflicts with particular computer programs and hardware gadgets.

  • Bloatware − Several new Microsoft Windows 10 machines come pre-loaded with programs that consumers might not want or require. This can consume precious space for storage and slow the whole thing down.

  • Privacy − Windows 10 acquires information regarding user behavior, which may be cause for concern for certain consumers who value their confidentiality

  • Compatibility − Although Windows 10 is appropriate for an extensive variety of software as well as devices, sure previous applications, as well as devices, may have problems with compatibility.

Disadvantages of mac OS(Mojave)

  • Price − The operating system for Mac Mojave is usually more costly compared to Windows 10, and this may be prohibitive for certain individuals.

  • Compatibility − Since the latest version of mac OS Mojave is just appropriate for devices made by Apple, it may be inaccessible to consumers who don't own one.

  • Customization − Although mac OS Mojave features an attractive interface, it is simpler to customize compared to Windows 10. The following could restrict the user's capacity to regulate their computer's desktop settings.

  • Gaming − Although the latest version of mac OS Mojave can run certain titles, this is not as well optimized for video games as Windows 10.

  • Software Support − Although the latest version of mac OS Mojave is optimized for innovative programs, it might not be appropriate for specific Windows-only software programs. This may limit its applicability to feed users who need particular computer use cases.


To summarize, each Microsoft Windows 10, as well as mac OS Mojave, have benefits as well as drawbacks. Windows 10 improves connection alongside a wider variety of software programs and hardware equipment, in addition to individualization and cloud computing support. Mac OS Mojave, on the opposite hand, is an additional safeguarded OS with a pleasing and intuitive user interface that is optimized for imaginative applications. subsequently nevertheless is more costly in general, less adaptable, and has restricted connectivity with devices other than Apple's. Finally, picking among both operating systems is determined by the individual's specific requirements and likes and dislikes

Updated on: 25-Jul-2023


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