Elementary OS – A Linux Distro for Windows and macOS Users

Elementary OS, a Ubuntu-based Linux OS, offers a stable, fast, and beautiful experience. Linux is always confusing for Windows and macOS users due to various reasons, some of which are as follows −

  • Windows and macOS have a more standardized GUI (Graphical User Interface) quite different from the Linux user interface. So it is difficult for the users to find the correct tools for their requirements

  • The command line interface of Linux is quite different from that of Windows and macOS. That's why users are not able to use it widely.

  • Sometimes Linux only supports less popular or newer hardware. Hence, users are unable to use their devices properly.

  • In Linux, users can install software through the package manager. This process is quite different for users who are used to downloading and installing software from a website.

Hence, Elementary OS has been designed to provide something different for people who want to switch from macOS and Windows to Linux. So this blog is all about Elementary OS and will explain why it is the best suitable Linux distro for Windows and macOS users.

Elementary OS: A Linux Distro for Windows and macOS Users

Inspired by macOS, Elementary OS is famous for its modern and clean interface. It is an open-source Linux distros that you can get from its official website. This donation-funded operating system offers a paid version with additional support and features for users.

Why Elementary OS is Suitable for Newbies: The Features

Elementary OS is a great option for users switching from macOS or Windows. The following are some of the reasons why Elementary OS is a suitable operating system for macOS and Windows users −

User-friendly Design

Elementary OS has been designed to be easy and accessible for beginners. It provides a streamlined interface to avoid complexity and clutter and benefits users entirely new to Linux. This OS also includes tutorials and documentation to help users to learn how to get started and use the Elementary OS system.

Simple and Clean User Interface

The user interface of Elementary OS is intuitive, modern, clean, and designed to provide a familiar experience to Windows users. Its interface is similar to macOS, with an application launcher and a dock, making the transition to Elementary OS easier for macOS users.

Pre-installed Utilities

Elementary OS provides a basic set of pre-installed software applications and tools to get users started with it initially. This includes the terminal, camera, calculator, macOS, multimedia player, file manager, email client, web browser, and many other applications. Some examples of pre-installed utilities are −

  • AppCenter − This software center allows you to browse and install additional applications with a selected software selection.

  • Noise − A type of music player that allows users to create playlists and play music libraries.

  • Geary − Kind of email from which users can receive, send, and manage their emails.

  • Epiphany − a fast and lightweight web browser based on the GNOME Web browser.

These pre-installed applications with Elementary OS provide a solid foundation for daily computing tasks for users new to Linux.

Compatibility with Windows and macOS Software

Elementary OS's software ecosystem and architecture differ from macOS or Windows. Still, users can run some software in Elementary OS through compatibility layers such as Wine or virtual machines. In addition, many cross-platform and open-source applications with functionality similar to macOS or Windows are available for Linux.

System Requirements of Elementary OS

  • 64-bit processor

  • 15 GB of storage space

  • 4 GB of RAM

  • Graphics card with OpenGL 3.0 support

  • Intel or AMD processor

  • Internet connection (for downloading and updating additional software)

The above requirements may vary depending on the flavor and version of the Elementary OS you want to install. Elementary OS can run on systems with minimum requirements, but you may need more time to provide an optimal experience.

Benefits and Limitations of Elementary OS



It has a modern and clean user interface.

Some issues with hardware components and peripherals.

It has been designed considering the user's accessibility and experience for ease of use.

Beginners should learn the basic commands to use smoothly.

Some applications of Windows and macOS come pre-installed in it.

Software selection is limited as compared to macOS and Windows.

This OS is renowned for its reliability and stability, with regular security patches and updates.

Less customizable compared to other Linux distros.


Elementary OS is a good choice for macOS and Windows users looking for alternatives to proprietary operating systems and wants a reliable, customizable system with simplicity and ease of use.

One of the goals of Elementary OS is to make Linux more accessible to users unfamiliar with the intricacies of Linux or the command line. It provides pre-installed applications, user-friendly and familiar design, etc., to create compatibility with macOS and Windows. However, its limited customization options, learning curve, hardware compatibility, and software selection may be a shortcoming for some users.

Updated on: 18-May-2023


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