What are some great features of Windows 10?

Windows 10 is a Personal Computer Operating System developed and released by Microsoft on July 29, 2015. It has some new features when compared to its earlier version of Windows 8.

The start menu

  • Microsoft had made a very bold move to eliminate the start menu when they had released the Windows 8 but however, in the windows 10, the start menu is back.

  • It has the same tiles like structure like it had before along with the regular app icons as well.

  • It was previously a folder based organization but now you can just type the name of the app or folder that you are looking for in the search bar and you can find it.

  • Also if you don’t want to keep typing the names of the apps then you can just pin the apps into the start menu and from next time it will show that app.

Microsoft’s Cortana

  • Microsoft has built its personal voice assistant Cortana in competition to Google Now and Siri.

  • The voice assistance has been developed so much that now Cortana can be used for searching in search engines directly, like "How is the weather in Hyderabad now".

  • It helps you with daily tasks like setting reminders and alarms. The only thing that the laptop user has to do is sync his account to a Microsoft app and login into his Microsoft account.

New browser

  • It has been ages now since Microsoft has only been giving us internet explorer as the browser which isn’t preferred by a majority of the users. This time they have changed the browser as well and Microsoft has come up with their own browser known as Microsoft edge.

  • This browser is definitely something that people should try out. It has several unique features including a text-only reader mode, an annotation tool, and even Cortana integration.

Multiple Desktops

  • This was a high demand as Microsoft had never dealt with having multiple apps running at a single time but this time they have taken the risk which has paid off well.

  • Microsoft has finally added the ability to create and manage multiple desktops. You can add new desktops, quickly move windows between them, and jump between desktops by pressing Win-Tab.

Notification center

  • Most of the other operating systems have had this notification center concept for a pretty decent time now. Microsoft has finally added a notification center on the lower right bottom of the screen where the notifications that you have received will all be shown.