Upgrade your computer for free to windows 10

People who have been using windows operating system usually encounter persistent messages to upgrade to Windows 10. The good news is that, upgrading to Windows 10 is now free. But in case of Apple, it allows its users to upgrade to newest operating system for free at any point. If users delay, they might land themselves in trouble as Windows is taking a very different approach.

All those who have not upgraded their system to Windows 10 by June 29,2016, they need to spend about $119. And those who consider, the cost of upgradation is more than they can handle. then there is another option where they need not pay such hefty fees and still keep windows 7 or 8 on their machine. What users require to do is “reserve a copy of windows 10 before July 29.

The users in order to reserve their copy of windows 10 should go ahead and act on the notification which states to upgrade. Once the upgradation process is complete, users can roll back to windows 7 or 8, keeping the original version. They need to reserve their Windows 10 license while it is still free.

An important point to consider, users version of windows 7 or 8 should be genuine or they would not be eligible to upgrade for free. Microsoft has already announced that their most anticipated product, Windows 10 pre-release version is subject to change. To keep up with customers as well as developer’s expectation, the new version of the operating system has been rebuilt from the ground up.

Three Major Font formats

Windows 10 does work with three major fonts, they include open type, true type and postscript.

Know More about Windows 10

  • Continuum: Different versions need not be downloaded for different devices. It does work, regardless one is using a PC,tablet or a mobile device.

  • Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant: Cortana does answer questions, initiate a web search and perform various trigger functions or at least that is the plan.

  • As an IE alternative Spartan debut: Presently IE is not an app, it is part of OS. Microsoft is able to update more quickly by making it as an app.

  • Centralized Apps: By following the steps of Apple and Google, Microsoft has been successful in making universal apps which are available to all.

  • Xbox Live on Windows 10: By bringing a few of the Xbox’s favorite features of windows 10, Microsoft is increasing their gaming ante.

  • In the cloud photos: Microsoft is also increasing their photo game, the official photo app does show photos stored on all connected devices of the users.

  • Holographic integration: Microsoft is displaying its hybrid idea of merging the virtual reality with real world experiences in the form of Hololens headset.

  • For business, surface, hub: The surface, hub is a touch screen monitor, which is designed to take the centre stage in the office, you can not only create but share presentation with inbuilt Skype integration.

  • New start menu: The Start menu does become start screen by clicking a button and varied changes made would be remembered when the users click on the start button next time.

  • Charms Alterations: Microsoft has taken the decision to permanently disable charms bar for the Desktop users in Windows 10. The charms bar would only be displayed on touch enabled devices in Windows 10.

How Users can have Two Versions?

when users tend to receive a notification to upgrade to Windows 10 from their PC, Microsoft knows that they are running a genuine copy of Windows 7 or 8 (also referred as digital entitlement). It also makes a note on their servers and knows that these users can download Windows for free. Once it has been noted, the users can install as well reinstall Windows 10.

How Users can Install and Roll back?

The users before making any changes to their computer, they should have their backup in the cloud or in an external hard drive, USB or any other storage medium by doing this, users ensure nothing is lost. When the users are ready, the simplest way to start the installation and roll back is to use, the built in back feature. Be warned, however few programs might be removed during the up-gradation and users would require to reinstall them.

Alternative Options

Another method can be employed to keep programs in place, but it is more complicated. It involves creating an image of your existing Windows operating system, but to do so the users require an external hard drive, they can also have CD’s. This process might take a day and the users need to be sitting in the front of computer so that they can switch out the disc when it gets filled up. If the users know which programs they are running and have product keys to re-install then this particular option is best.

Updated on: 18-Oct-2019


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