Microsoft, Device Health for Windows 8.1

Microsoft updated “Device Health” for Windows 8.1, aims to develop online security of Banking and Financial account section for users’ better operation. This update will observer and check the PC security status before user getting into the sensitive banking and financial transactions online.

Device Health service is a Window based service, provides devices’ health information. After installation of this software, you will be encouraged to accept secure software usage practices to ensure that the certified e-commerce and online banking partners can offer better security, based on the data expected from Device Health.

How to install Device Health?

  • To install Device Health update, go to the Control Panel → Windows Update.

  • Click on “Install optional updates” link and then click on “Check online for updates from Microsoft Update”.

  • After checking process done, click on the link “number of optional updates that are available” to choose the Device Health and click on “OK” and then click Install updates to start the installation process.

How Device Health works?

If Device Health is installed in your PC and you are trying to log-in into the Banking or other sensitive account, the web page recognizes that the device you are using is insecure, it will warn you first before you log-in or start doing transaction.

Also, the Banking and Financial institution is a part of this operation, helps in showing that how businesses and customers can work with each other to observer the health of the customers’ devices (Which signifies one feature of shared defence against online theft).

To check that how does it work, login into your Banking website with required credentials in Window 8 PC.

While login if your computer is insecure or compromised, the web page will inform you about that with some tricks to resolve the issue.


Use Microsoft’s Device Health on your system to protect your Banking and Financial account from unsafe devices. It also guides users by providing tips that help their PC from unsafe devices.

karthikeya Boyini
karthikeya Boyini

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Updated on: 13-Jan-2020


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